Any EMD Update for Blogspot Blog and Google Sites?

Posted by Sanket Patel

November 27, 2012

Google 4 min read

Myself Ashish Chauhan and I am project manager at I handle all hire seo expert project. I have one website for seo which is basically a coupon code & promo code site for USA market. I regularly monitors clients ranking of each and every project under hire dedicated project. After latest EMD update, I have not seen any exact match domain sites atleast in top 20 ( I only care about top 20 results ). But I have seen many blogspot blog with exact match keyword in top 10 Google SERP.

You will see most of blogspot blogs or results. I don’t want to comment on it but on second page Google has better results compare to first page. Hope Google will take action against such site soon.

What I don’t understand is why Google is giving so much priority to Blogspot blog and Google Sites. Most of the sites has pasted the coupon codes with low quality content. Is it possible to file complaint against such sites ? Why EMD update doesn’t effected such sites ? If I use blogspot blog template in my TLD (top level domain) do I also get benefit (under experiment).


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