Blog Commenting – Still Alive and Rocking To Bombard Your Website With Traffic

Posted by Anal Bhatt

December 26, 2013

SEO 17 min read

If there is something that online marketers would admit of having done a number of times, it would be blog commenting. But, has it been accepted as a very strong contender of the strategies for online marketing? There are certain tactics in the blog commenting feature itself that helps in building traffic and in turn your brand; however too many comments will only hurt the purpose, as the quick link tactic will only end up as a spoil-sport rather than helping your brand.

Blog Commenting

Ask anyone who manages a number of large blogs. This means they have to manage a number of blog comments as well. This isn’t something that one enjoys doing as they have to deal with a number of spammy comments and weed out the good ones from the worst ones. However, they all would have to say some common things while selecting the credible blog comments which are given here.

Real names should be associated with all the comments

The avatar picture should be that of a real person and not a blank or some irrelevant pic.

All the comments should provide value to the readers and should not be just any message.

By following the guidelines, you could expect that others would be following the same and hence the place where you are submitting the guidelines would be beneficial. The blogs that set up guidelines are also eliminating the chances of receiving any spammy comments, thus making it a better place for people who are looking to put in some valuable comments.

What Does Blog Commenting Have For Us?

There are several reasons why one should be doing blog commenting on other blogs. The reasons could vary from getting backlinks to the site, gaining exposure through the business name and the gravatar image, or providing valuable information with the help of quality content.

One way to relate with bloggers of all sizes is to make sure that one takes out time to comment on the blogs where the name of one’s site or business is mentioned. In addition to that, one could respond to interview requests as well. It does take a lot of time, but it’s something that would always work and would be appreciated in the long run. The following are the reasons why one should be doing blog commenting.

Improvement in Visibility

People who are browsing blogs that are related to a particular industry must be looking for the same products or services that you are providing. Maybe they haven’t been able to find your blog yet that has some valuable information. Getting your name in front of them is an important step. It is vital to get your name in front of them. You never know when your blog comments are being browsed.

Establishing Credibility

While blog commenting, it’s vital to add to the ongoing conversation. Thoroughly read the post and contribute a comment that will be looked forward by everyone as an important statement from your side, thus helping you to establish your credibility. It shows your hold over your industry niche. It is definitely a great way to establish your brand and company in front of others who are looking for the same things that you have to offer.

Establish Relationships

Blog commenting not only helps in getting noticed by potential prospects but also other influential industry bloggers pay attention to what you have to say. Over time, this friendly affair may grow into new business opportunities or even better guest blog posting opportunities.

Of course, building links

Enough talks about establishing authority and relationships! Now, let’s see the real SEO advantage of blog commenting. There are many blogs that allow us to include our website’s link with the blog comment that we are posting. This helps in building a link portfolio and generating traffic to the blog or the website when someone clicks on the link. Also, having your links on authoritative websites would mean that you would get enough link juice and better chances of getting indexed and ranked up on major search engines as well.

Finding Great Blogs to Comment On

The main part of the whole process in order to get the traffic flowing in and building the brand online is to find the right and the best place to comment on. The obvious thing is that you would only search for those blogs that are relevant to your business niche and the content on your website. This is the type of traffic that you will always want your website to be crowded with.

Just like blogging, blog commenting also requires a lot of dedication and time. If implemented into an online marketing project, it should be done at least weekly. Spending an hour or two on industry-relevant blogs could reap benefits slowly, but surely. Initially, it does take time to research the relevant blogs, however, creating a spreadsheet and working on all the selected blogs will make the task a whole lot easier.


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