Design – An Inevitable Factor For A Successful SEO Campaign

Posted by ketan parmar

September 25, 2013

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If anyone understands how SEO and web design go together, they truly know online marketing. Will, a miserably designed website makes that much difference to the success of an SEO project? All the websites built should be SEO friendly in order to rank on search engines. However, all websites are not given the same importance for SEO.

Web Design

Below are mentioned some of the common mistakes that developers tend to commit when they fail to think about SEO during the design process.

Conversion not considered

Conversion is one thing that really matters. Undoubtedly, Google’s first spot is everyone’s dream and reaching there is a milestone achieved. However, if the traffic leaves as soon as it reaches the home page, there is nothing that you have achieved. A clever and creative design, keeping the focus on user experience is needed to create a website that encourages visitors to stay on the website. Developing a website responsive is a good place and will help in converting visitors who surf on their mobiles or tablets.

Websites taking time to load

They are hated by the users and Google alike. A website that is slow in loading could really damage your SEO goals. Nobody likes to wait for minutes for a page to load. They have other options available and will quickly move to them if your pages are found slow. This leads to a high bounce rate as the visitors will quickly move back to the search engine to look out for other pages. Even broken links take much of the time of the visitors. So, sort out the page loading speed, fix the broken links and also make sure that all the pages have relevant and engaging content published.

Duplicate content issues

Duplicate content and SEO are enemies. Websites with text from other sources, struggle to perform in search engines, as the algorithm hates duplicate content. Keep the content on your website afresh and updated as it could create a negative impact on the visitors, who find the same content each time they come to your site.

No call to action

Having an effective call to action is vital. Your site is on the top, is absolute of no use there if there is no effective call to action. In order to get the conversion rate ticking, it is important that you spend some time on the design of a call to action.

This makes clear just how important is for a web designer who has a clear understanding of SEO.


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