Important Elements of SEO which cannot be ignored

Posted by Hiren Vaghela

August 17, 2013

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You should try to find out more about the advanced SEO techniques if you wish to make a mark in the field of SEO. Advanced SEO cannot take a single definition. As SEO is changing constantly, only a broad understanding of the advanced SEO techniques and tactics can help you to survive in this competitive field.

Advanced SEO involves a thorough understanding of search engines such as Google, its indexation system, the way search engines behave, search verticals, link building and data research and sorting in several ways that are panda & penguin proof.

Important Elements of SEO

Search engine optimization elements – a Snapshot

The use of infographics comes under some of the advanced SEO techniques. This method has gained fame in the recent past. The best thing about this tool is that it helps readers to get loads of information in a well designed and simple format. Since visual images are far easier to make an impact visitors are expected to share them in high numbers. You can get good backlinks and huge traffic if it goes viral.

Alt & Title Tags

You can Alt tags to suggest images to search spiders using Alt tags. Using this advanced SEO technique you can not only include more content but ensure that your images become more searchable on Google. By assigning filenames to all images, you can derive the best results from this advanced SEO technique. You can make use of a title tag to establish keyword relevance on the page. The Title tag appears on top of a tab window or browser in external websites and search results pages. Keywords should be employed at the start of the title tag and it should also contain the brand or company name to fetch the best results.

Social Media

The significance of social media tools cannot be exaggerated. Its importance and relevance in the field of SEO are growing day by day. When your content is shared with hundreds of people across social networks it sends a signal that the content is worth reading. You can get high ranks through social signals since this is an indication to readers that you have the authority over the subject.


Even though the aforesaid concept seems to be a little tricky, but it’s not that difficult to understand. Your website can appear on multiple URL’s in many situations which can cause it to trigger duplicate content or to be indexed improperly.


A robots.txt file is used to signal search engine robots about your site’s access. The search engine spiders will first and foremost check the robots.txt file to check whether some pages are restricted for access. This file is useful if and only your site index has content that you need search engines to ignore. You may need this file only if your site directory has content that you don’t want search engines to index. This file can be found in the main directory of your site.


You can make use of sitemaps to know more about a website’s structure which in turn can ensure better crawling of your site. The search engine spiders can find out more details about the web pages using the sitemap. You can also use this tool to get data about specific types of content on your sites such as news, images, mobile and video. Sitemap.xml files can be found inside the main directory of the website and can be submitted to Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

No Follow

If you wish to keep search engines away from some places that you do not want them to visit you can use the advanced technique called – nofollow. You can use this option at both page and link levels to enable search engines to know that a specific link or links on a page should not be followed since they are not endorsed by your website. This technique can be useful if you have a site that permits readers to put up links in a forum. This will help prevent a bad reputation for your website.


You can help your site to get a better ranking and develop it rapidly by following any of the aforesaid advanced SEO techniques. You may have customized page elements and used meta- tags and title tags. Your SEO efforts will not get positive results if you have only incorporated page-level changes in your website. Hence, in order to give maximum results, the advanced SEO techniques should be given constant attention E.g.: www. SEO training. me. the UK

SEO has a greater role to play and cannot be restricted to just giving more visibility to a website. It involves balancing various facets namely protecting your website’s reputation, getting more visitors and facilitating visitors and search engines to navigate your website. You can pick and choose the best technique that would work for you so as to improve your websites rank and reputation.


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