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Posted by Monish Vora

June 11, 2013

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The Penguin updates have been successful in sweeping out majority of websites from its top pages. If people think that Google is responsible for this debacle, they need to think over it again. As, the Penguin algorithm is only developed to target spammers.

So, what are the major mistakes made by a number of persons. And how to prevent your website from facing a disaster?

You have hired an SEO who is working day and night to bring your keywords ranking up. As you are so busy with the other functions of your business, you leave everything related to your website to the SEO firm, which many of us do. But at last, you find out that your website is losing heavily in terms of ranking. Eventually, you come to know that your site was over-optimized and was badly hit by the Penguin updates.

Wiping Out Majority of Your Traffic - Blurbpoint

Apparently, Penguin wants to teach you some basic things about SEO so that you could keep the same in mind before handing over your precious site to someone else. So, what are those things that some people have learn the hard way?

# Wrong Selection Of An SEO:

“We will get your website to the top of Google!” Of course, they do. But how? In the course of time, you will see that your website is dropping and eventually it has been penalized and will not appear on Google ever. In fact, you are entrusting a small part of your business (read website) to your SEO firm. This website, in the future, will increase your business prospects and it’s inevitable that you keep a watch on it closely.

An SEO firm, although they research on your business, would not be able to relate to the people as much as you could. So, regular interaction with your prospects through various mediums will enable you to understand their needs which could be incorporated into your SEO project. Make sure that you know your SEO firm very well. You should know that the optimizer, the firm provides is well adept with your business niche as someone who knows your business well, will be able to provide a perfect SEO solution. Also, check out whether they use White Hat Techniques and not Black Hat. You could do a little bit of homework before holding a meeting with your SEO firm. Do some research work on various aspects of Link Building and SEO.

# Not Implementing Various Sources of Traffic Streaming:

Keeping all the eggs in the same basket may sometimes prove to be a big mistake. Similarly, relying on Google for all your traffic although it is the undisputed leader, will prove to be a mistake.

With the release of new updates from Google quite frequently, more and more optimizers are resorting to other ways of driving traffic as well. It is advisable to invest in other departments of inbound traffic so that you don’t have to rely totally on Google. There are various ways in which you could plan your inbound traffic wave.

Try incorporating e-mail marketing in your Internet promotion plans. Quality e-mails will help in driving traffic to your website. Offer some utilities or online services from your website which should be helpful to your audience and generate direct traffic to your website, rather than people coming through search engines. Try to make your brand a household name-something that a customer trusts. The more popular your brand, the more people will actively search directly for you and not directed to your through keywords. You could do this with the help of many other online promotion techniques.

# Ignoring the Penguin guidelines

Although Penguin does target keyword over-stuffing in your website, it also looks out for spammy links that you have used in anchor texts and triggers penalty. There are a number of articles available on recovering from Penguin. Contact site owners to have the links removed. Also, have the footer links optimized with keywords removed.

Finally, I believe that following these tips would help you in having full control as compared to the shortcuts of link building. Resorting to unscrupulous ways will only add to your worries and you will pay a heavy price for it – sooner or later.


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