Increase your E commerce business in this Christmas

Posted by Sanket Patel

October 16, 2012

SEO 10 min read

Are you prepared for this Christmas season? If not, it is the exact time to prepare, your E-commerce sites because this is the season when the E-commerce sites make the most businesses. In this holiday season more and more people tend to do online shopping, whether it’s for Christmas gifts, articles, clothes, accessories or anything.

As a large number of people are anticipated to do online shopping for this holiday season, an assortment of e-commerce sites start searching for numerous ways to attract a number of people to their sites. This leads to a high competition in the online market. The most imperative facets of operating e-commerce sites are the improvement of marketing strategies for your e-commerce site by adopting the most suitable and advantageous methods and techniques. The various methods along with the different channels can help you to achieve your desired target easily and success in the e-commerce field.

Some of the best strategies that can be applied to overcome this competition are Social Engine Optimization and social media exposure. Before adopting any SEO strategy, it is very necessary to get your e-commerce site ready fully to enjoy the largest output out of all your SEO strategies. Choosing the best strategy will prove to be a long-term foundation for your e-commerce business. It can help you greatly to become visible on the first page of the search engine by getting a high-ranking for all your products.

For holiday seasons such as Christmas, you need to quickly speedup your off page SEO tactics to increase your sales. For that you first need to optimize your on page factors in an effective manner. Some of the most important on page that need to focus on are:

  • Use of unique META titles and META descriptions.
  • Keyword optimization product Urls.
  • Site map optimization and register in Google’s webmaster tools.
  • Arrangement of Robots.txt.

Another important factor that needs to pay attention is the speed of your website’s page. If the speed of your page is not good enough, you may get into the big trouble by losing our valued customers. A good page speed will not only help you to make you visible in the search engine but also the users will not lose their interests in browsing your site. Implementation of HTML schema for the product category websites is also a good idea, to increase the click through rate. You also need to check your ecommerce site across various browsers because it may be working on your browser, but may not be functional in other browsers. Therefore, a cross browser compatibility test is required to avoid any kind of difficulty.

After doing all the necessary on page optimization techniques, you can be able to perform the entire regular off page SEO techniques to get the better results. So, if you are ready and fully prepared with all these SEO techniques, you’ll surely going to increase your sales in this Christmas season.


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