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Posted by Sanket Patel

April 13, 2012

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Recently, Google has renovates the design of Google+ with latest and fresh redesign which they have introduced yesterday.

The latest design comprises:

1.      In the time line, the dull bleed photos are there!

2.      Customizable Side Bar

3.      Now, the discussion stream is in the format of conversation “cards” that enables you to see conversation better.

4.      With more detail information, hangouts have a landing page.

5.      You can also find each of these cards with an activity drawer in order to show what is going on with the conversation.

What I see is different in that it looks more like this:

Google+ Redesign

Here, you can find the picture from Google by which you can get complete idea!

Well, the major complaint is what space that you can find between the conversation stream and right side bar.

There are various such stories on it which you can find at Techmeme.

At Google+ Help and Webmaster World, you can find forum discussion.


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