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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 24, 2012

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As we all know that every businessman is looking to get targeted traffic to his website for free and they all are searching for it on the web. If you are also one of those people who want to get traffic to their website for free then there are some points that you have to consider for getting traffic for free.

Well, let’s discuss those points that how to get traffic to your website for free without any unclear or vague lists of things that you need to do.

Make Sure to Make a Content Plan:

No matter whether you are publishing any eCommerce website or any consulting business brochure site but it is important that you have an idea that how much content you are publishing in it. Well, it is imperative for you to considered Content and here content means Web Pages, not articles. So, what you decide how many pages you are going to publish to your website?

If you are looking to get free traffic to your website then it is most important for you to write up a content plan that is given below:

• The essential pages such as posts for blogs and inventory listings for eCommerce you need to publish.
• The pages that per day you have planned to publish.
• The number of topics which you are going to cover includes blog categories, services pages, product categories and more.

Well, there are lots of people who commonly make two mistakes with new websites as they try to publish thousands of pages to their website at the same time or they put one single page and not visit again to the site. Apart from publishing thousands of pages or 10 pages, you have to pick some affordable digit of pages that you will publish to your website on regular basis. As I suggest you that no more than 5 pages per day you will publish to the website. Suppose, you have an inventory of 1, 000, 00 products then also you just need to publish 1 page per day not more than it.

Reason to smother your Publishing Rate:

By giving up the quality of your content, you should be publishing various numbers of pages at once and it make sure that you are not going to learn such lessons that you have to learn from what happens with the first pages on your site. Suppose, you have six months budgeted in order to start 1 million new pages then you have to spend those first five months publishing real content and using the content to test every assumption that you have made. It is good for you if you fail with a small, partially published website as compare to invest in putting together more than 1,000,000 “perfect” pages.

Requirement of an RSS Feed:

If you are thinking to publish a blog then the feed is already there, just you have to do is let the blog ping at least one ping server such as Ping-O-Matic. Well, WordPress does this by default and there are lots of other platforms also that must do this too. So, if you are using WordPress CMS and publishing lots of pages in it so that you set up a blog calendar that comprises daily and weekly posts that link to lots of pages that you have published.
As we all are well aware that the blog will only ping for posts not for pages. There are some people who manually ping their pages which is inappropriate and wearisome. By this, your RSS feed and the pinging will get crawled and indexed so you are able to submit your RSS feed to lots of web 2.0 services which will republish the RSS feed.

Requirement of Metrics Platform:

You are also able to use Google Analytics or anything else by which you can parses referral data. Just avoid SE’s traffic. It is crucial for you to focus on Referral traffic for minimum of two months by which you can get two things such as you are obtaining links from websites with real traffic and it also points out towards the content that vibrates with some other people most.
You are able to grip over search engine referrals but it will trickle you for few months and not provide you with much useful information. From your metrics platform, you can get the capability to group data by months in order to compare trendiness between different periods.

Tune in to People’s Conversation:

There are lots of SEOs who will tell you about knuckle down with keyword research. You know very well that your website is new and it doesn’t contain any links to it and you are also not spammer running software which pumps 10000 links within 1 hour into Web.
And, you also don’t have any right to leverage in the aggressive queries which your keywords research will expose to you. Apart from this, you can also use your social media accounts in order to search out what people are discussing. Is something there that is relevant to your website is offering?

You have to Track your Top Performance Pages:

As we all know that after some days or weeks, some pages will start getting more traffic when compares to others. It is best for you to create a spreadsheet by which you will come to know that you’re which pages are receiving more traffic per week and from where traffic is coming.

By these pages, you will get an idea of how to construct future content. You have to wait for the day on which you will have enough data to show which works and what doesn’t and then finally you can start publishing content at a faster rate.

Keep One Standing Goal & Single Reader on per Article:

There is no need to aim very high as you just have to learn how to get traffic to your website for free so you have to be a satisfied person if you are only getting 1 person to read each new page that you are publishing.

It is the main goal that you have to set for at least 3 months. In the first 12 weeks, you should be able to get a minimum of 60 visitors. You have to make sure that your baseline is 1 visitor per article and ensure that you break that baseline every week. So, below you can find the list of aims that you have to set and hold:

• Numbers of automated ping articles which you have published per day
• You need to consider the number of converting pages that you publish per day!
• Make sure that 1 visitor per page

So, these are the point essential points that you have to consider to get traffic to your website for free!! I hope these points help you out to get your desired traffic.

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