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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 04, 2012

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Certainly, nobody has a clear crystal ball that can predict what will be the search engines and not make in the future. However, it’s probable to extrapolate information from their activities over the past few years and specifies trends that are very pretty greatly guaranteed more implementation, and that’s what is bringing us them today: five clear facts about the future of SEO which we believe will strongly influence the websites that have achievement in the long term.

Fact #1 – Content is king

When the first Google Panda algorithm updates came out, people cried flip. After all, if the intention of the changes was to clean up the SERPs to ridding the search engines of the kind of garbage articles found in content of farm websites, then what seems like so lots of low-quality websites jumped to get their places?

While you might observe this as a sign that it is basically not significant provide to quality for content, elegant marketers always know that content is now, and always will be: King to search engines. Here is why…

The main goal of the search engines is to create money, and they can not do it if people keep away from their services because their results are perceived as low quality. For this cause, the search engines will constantly be involved in the process of refining their algorithms to give the most excellent possible results. And – newsflash: low-value content of spam will never win by the content which is well written.

So while Google and other search engines they could not have absolutely broken the code on how to drop the pages of spam out of the SERPs, but assures us that they all are working hard on it. And when they will succeed believe me that will be the day of Ethical SEO and always remains.

Fact #2 – Natural backlinks will always win

Yes, I know you assume you are so smart with your package of “10,000 backlinks for $10” which has guaranteed to trick Google your site higher ranking. But here the thing, Google is currently and constantly will be, more intelligent than you. Google and other search engines employ some of the most excellent and technical minds in the world, whose sole purpose is to reject links such as these schemes and devalue them.

So while you could temporarily succeed in earning a high ranking in spite of a profile link that is stuffed full of summary links and paid links from spam websites, please note that their progress is likely that cut length. In the long run, it is a strategy much better to focus on obtaining quality, relevant backlinks that will defend the test of time.

But how do I get these most precious links? Thus the solution really goes hand in hand with fact # 1 listed above, as publication of great content is one of the best ways to build natural backlinks of authorized sites. Guest blogs on other popular websites in your niche market, encouraging their readers to allocate your content on social websites and distribute legitimate press releases are also good ways to keep your profile link squeaky fresh and appealing to search engines.

Fact #3 – Personalized search will be a reality

A lot of traditional SEOs have been in arms on the combination of functions of custom search which adjust the standard SERPs to reflect the individual interests and connections of the viewer’s.

For example, if you have subscribed to some admired SEO blogs throughout the Google Reader program, you might get those results from these sites show in your SERPs with a note that the content was suggested for you for the reason that of your subscription to the originating website. These personalized results hit sites that would have emerge in the natural SERPs if you weren’t logged into your Google Profile – an actuality that’s pretty annoying for the marketers who have spend era and money into achieving lofty established rankings.

But despite these frustrations, what we have seen so far in terms of integrating social profiles in search results is immediately the beginning. In fact, custom search results is expected to expand in scope, as the creation of unique SERPs based on their preferences provides the most relevant results (at least in theory) that will keep you returning and using the search engine services.

The result is that these changes create building your specialized network seriously important. In fact, this change may represent even a powerful chance to jump to some highly competitive SERPs, but only if you get the time to build a very large network in popular social networking sites (such as this will increase the number of people who are exposed to your content).

Fact #4 – Optimization for multiple platforms is key

While traditional search engines have long been the default access position for people appearing for information online, the number and scope of the techniques we use to surf the web and to investigate results has improved dramatically in current years.

For example, while you are still surely likely to perform searches on Google standard from the desktop computer or laptop, you can also locate good information from your tablet PC or also smartphone – or even make use of voice power as a technique of “Siri” Apple. Provide the rapid growth that we have seen recently in these optional platforms, there is no any other reason not to think that this trend expand access of information from the internet will not continue in the future.

As a website owner, must be aware that people may be showing for information about your business or industry on any of these platforms, making it essential to optimize your website for many of them as potential. Key action at this time steps include launching a mobile ready version of its website and maintaining profiles on web sites like Google Places and Yelp, which are probable to be used as information sources by third-party programs like Siri.

Fact #5 – Social activity will increase in importance

End of 2011 brought the announcement unprecedented by Google used social as a factor in ranking and web signals does not show signs of slowdown in terms of activity on popular social networking websites, it is likely that the relative significance of social signals will carry on to grow web businesses.

Do you need more proof that there is a good reason to invest time in building the attendance of social media for your website? So here it is, well their is a Group of 132-person of SEO specialists who contributed to the 2011 SEOMoz Search Engine Ranking factors study charged “social signals a level of page” and “Social signals to a domain level” as two of the three main factors that is most likely to increase in importance as a factor in ranking in the future (behind only “as site analysis / page perceived value to users”). If these industry experts anticipate social signals plays one major role in search engine algorithms, better would be to think that currently is the time to jump on the bandwagon!

Then, how can create a social profile that will reward to the search engines? Start by creating an effort to spend time on social networking websites is active every day and get personally to his followers. Providing reliable, useful information, you can build a following and begin to see a boost in the number of social share of their work, do any investment here worth protecting your website against future changes in the SEO world.


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