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Posted by Sanket Patel

December 21, 2011

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At the end of year 2011, I want to discuss with you and having one question for online marketers what they had predicted for their site SEO? Due to the reason, Google is always changing and update itself on daily bases.  So, I think that 2012 is approaching to us, so you have to do some planning for your blogs for New Year 2012. This year is telling a pretty good story of Google update. In 2012, SEO is going become even more critical to your blogs success at Internet. Here we are going to discuss some SEO tips which we all have to consider.

Make schedule for regular posting: Publish more and more content on your blog. Content must be unique and informative, it will provide your site a best chance to get indexed by Google and enables more crawling. This is only not enough for your sites, daily content update will gives a chance to get high rank in search engine on bases of large number of topics and blog content contains keywords of your site. It helps to attract visitors to come on your blog, take interest in post and engage with it.

Update poor content: Be aware that your site content must be unique and informative for readers. Always check that site never contains duplicate content in it because Google is checking all this things on your sites. If your site is available from long time on Internet then go back and check all older post of your site, is that all are unique or not?. If you find any poor quality content that did not have any engagement with readers or with page rank, than remove it or update that post with informative information. This whole new updating will helps to get high rank in search engine and increase chance of reader’s engagement.

Video Ads: Images and videos also improve chances of your site to get index by Google search engine and improve rank. So add alt tag with images of your site. Placing ads on website is also another way to get optimized in search engine. Google gives more importance to visual aids, infographics and images and check that they are relevant to your site or not. If you use appropriate title with alt tag than Google gives double benefits in side of content and image to get high rank and visibility.

Branding: Before few days, I had share a some tips for Using Social Media for Branding and Site Authority. In 2012, these branding tips becomes the most important factor for the any website. Always be sure that your site and business having unique identity that stand out from the crowd. Now search engines are able to extract data from social giants like Facebook and Twitter therefore Social Metrics has also become the important part of SEO. This metric helps to evaluate the information of brand importance, value in market and demand of website. Some points  you should take in care for branding are,

Define your brand up front.

Lead with what you do, not who you are.

Use a real person as a figure head.

Develop a fan-club mentality.

Make good use of words.

Make sure visual elements reinforce your identity.

Publish an e-mail newsletter.

This article helps to get high rank and site should be easily noticed by search engine. At last I want to say that social media is also most important factor for SEO. Social media is developing day by day and become most imperative factor in off page SEO, so never forget older but important social media techniques.


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