Know Key Features to Generate Traffic by Stumbleupon

Posted by Sanket Patel

June 25, 2011

SEO 6 min read

If you want to generate traffic for your site then immediately pluck the helping hand of stumbleupon one of the famous SEO social bookmarking website. This website will help you how to generate more traffic and for that will let you share websites with others and also how to find other sites that can be added as your favourites. Being in touch with Stumbleupon will enable people to find your site, and also don’t forget to apply your mind to apply various ideas that will help you to draw high traffic too.

The basic step you need to do is to let your site should be involved with as many different communities available around the Stumbleupon site. In this way, lots of people who will visit the website surely will also go to various other communities that reflect sites that they might be interested in or liked to get involved. Another way is to give heed to various available sixty-plus groups such as commerce, computers, and media sections and must care that you should be joining the right groups when being in touch with Stumbleupon. Try to make lots of friends as much you can especially those having the same interests just like yours. This will enable your site to receive more people to let them know what actually your site is all about and indirectly helps to draw more traffic towards your site.
So, all these are certain key features that you must take care of while using Stumbleupon for generating traffic for your site.


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