Microsoft takeovers Skype for $8.5 billion

Posted by Sanket Patel

May 14, 2011

SEO 6 min read


This news is burning like fire in the telecom industry, and I hope you must be aware of that, if not so, then it’s here for those viewers. The news is spreading like a fire in a forest that Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. The deal was not as easy as an acquisition for Skype (Internet Communications Company) has many people but Microsoft Company clinched the deal, and everybody has an eye now on the company’s plans for the video calling service.


With this announcement, Instanalysis has started speculating about the future of telecommunications. Actually, the deal is all about regaining a position in online communications, and we all know that Microsoft is known for carriers and that’s why wanted to acquire Skype also for its next-generation phone and data networks. If we turn the pages of the company record, they will find always had bigger acquisitions in the past, and this one also could turn out to be one among them. Skype was suffering from its own problems for the last few years, and major among them was the operation of the business successfully and about the acquisition. We cannot ignore the role and importance of Skype even though it has been bought by Microsoft. Skype has its own unique place and importance in the telecommunication industry. It’s a big brand name in telecommunication and has many carriers in the past as well. So, even though Skype has been acquired by Microsoft but its value cannot be counted less as was having the recognition like Google to million paying customers, Xerox to photocopying etc.


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