Twitter Revealed: Approximate 250,000 users Have Had their Account Hacked - Blurbpoint

Posted by Sanket Patel

February 05, 2013

SMM 5 min read

In the present days, the growing popularity of social networks really brings a drastic change in our personal and professional world. We have been evolved into the heights of simultaneous sharing with the world in terms of communicating with instant messaging and emailing. However, we always tend to overlook the most important aspect that is ‘security’.

Recently, as mentioned in a Twitter Blog, from a million of Twitter users, around 250,000 users have had their accounts hacked. During an investigation, it was found that the hackers may have had access to user information which includes passwords, usernames, emails and other important data. In their precautionary measures, they have reset the password of affected users and revoked session tokens. They have also been sent an email informing them, notifying the need of creating a new password. For now, the old password will not work, at the time of log in to Twitter. In addition, the users are also encouraged to disable Java in their browsers. Furthermore, they are also helping federal law enforcement and government in order to identify these hackers and to make the Internet safer.

Even though it was not a potential attack, it does encourage all of us to generate strong and secure passwords. If you don’t want to be the victim of such incident then create a password that includes a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. It is always advisable not to use the same password for multiple accounts on the Internet.


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