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Posted by Anant Patel

February 04, 2013

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Facebook is no doubt, a biggest innovation in the world of Social Networking. It was launched on 4th February 2004 and has successfully completed its 9 years by creating more than one billion active users. This social networking site was originally started by Mark Zuckerberg, while he was a student at Harvard in 2004, which is now has become a leading social networking site. After turning to nine this month, we can say that in its journey of nine years, it has changed the world in a great way by creating a large number of users throughout the world. For businesses, it has given the most cost-effective ways, to market a business.Facebook-Logo

Let’s have a look on the wonderful journey of Facebook:

In the year 2004: This was the beginning of Facebook. As a sophomore at Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg started this social networking site in the month of February. In March, it started to expand and other colleges and universities also started using it. After some time in the month of June, its headquarters got shifted to Palo Alto, California. In September, a wall was introduced that allow people to write personal information on profile pages. In the same month, a lawsuit was filed against Facebook as  a company co-founded by twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss along with a third person at Harvard had claimed that  Zuckerberg has stolen the idea for Facebook from them.

In the year 2005: In this year, Facebook expanded a little more by including high schools till the month of September. A great photo application also introduced during this year.

In the year 2006: In this year, Facebook got a partnership with Microsoft. Work networks are being introduced in the month of may, permitting people with a corporate email address to join this site. Till the month of September, it started allowing anyone joining this site, who is over 13 years of age. A most popular feature, News Feed was also introduced in this month. Although, some complaints were there regarding the privacy of users.

In the year 2007: In the month of May, a new platform was introduced that allowed outside  programmers to develop tools for sharing photos, taking quizzes and playing games. This system played a great role in creating the Facebook economy. In October, Facebook got ready to sell a 1.6 percent stake to Microsoft for $240 million and forges advertising partnership. Also, a new feature Beacon program got introduced that broadcasts people’s activities on various other sites.

In the year 2008:  In March, Sheryl Sandberg got hired by Facebook for the post of chief operating officer, who was a high-profile executive from Google Inc. During the month of April, Facebook Chat got introduced. The Facebook for iPhone hitted the App Store. During this year, the new Facebook became permanent despite of user backlash.

In the year 2009: In this year, the systems such as vanity, URLs, and user names got introduced. A new feature “Like” was also added in the month of February, which allows the people to support other people’s posts. In June, It surpassed the News Corp.’s Myspace as the leading online social network in the US.

In the year 2010: The location feature was introduced in the month of August, allowing people to share where they are with their friends and the other people. In October, a movie “The Social Network,” about  Zuckerberg’s legal battles over Facebook’s founding got released. It got nominated for eight Academy Awards out of which won three Awards.

In the year 2011: In June, the Google Plus got introduced by Google as a rival social network for Facebook. During this month, the Winklevoss twins end their legal battle over the idea behind Facebook. A new new version of the profile page, “Timeline” got introduced in September month, which shows highlights of a person’s entire Facebook life instead of recent posts. In November, Facebook got to agree to settle the federal charges hat it violated users’ privacy by getting people to share more information than they agreed to when they signed up to the site.  Also various other features like video chat and subscription button got introduced. Facebook also entered into a partnership with Skype.

In the year 2012: The Timeline got introduced by Facebook in the starting of this year. It also announced the launch of Graph Search that allows users to search for anything that has been shared by their Facebook friends including posts and photos.

It seems that the Facebook will continue to grow in Future and will introduce some more interesting features to its users. Also, there is a great possibility of new increased Facebook users.



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