Top Questions To Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by Bakul Sengal

June 04, 2021

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Have you worked with a digital marketing agency but didn’t see any changes in your revenue? Or did you fall for a digital marketing agency that made unrealistic promises to get you to sign the cheque? If you can relate to any of these situations, this blog is a must-read for you! 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know the importance of digital marketing for your business. From getting relevant website traffic to gaining those ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ for your social media account- digital marketing can take your business to the next level. This blog will cover some of the most important questions to help you choose the right digital marketing company as per your business niche and goals. We have prepared a marketing consultant questionnaire that will get all the answers you need. But before that, let us understand the various areas of digital marketing so that your business can be benefitted from an integrated approach. 

Understanding what digital marketing offers

Ask questions to digital marketing agency before

When it comes to digital marketing, consider it as the stem of a tree. This stem splits into various branches. These branches stand for the different areas of digital marketing. Each of these branches is interconnected with each other. Depending on individual goals, we will determine an integrated approach, combining various areas to yield the best results for you. The different branches of digital marketing are:

  • SEO
  • Social media optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Video marketing
  • Paid campaigns
  • Content marketing 

Suppose you’re a business wanting to expand your digital reach, improve your business’s online credibility, and attract relevant customers. In that case, you’ll need a digital marketing agency to help you with that. Rather than Googling the best digital marketing agency and associating with the first company you come across, you should do some research beforehand. 

Let us get into the digital marketing questions!

How do you plan to run your campaign?

Asking this question will allow you to understand the roadmap they have planned for you. Based on the initial interaction with you and understanding your business goals and their experience working with similar businesses like you, they will lay out their strategy and the essential information on achieving the desired results for your company.

 Judging by their plan, you’ll be able to tell whether you’re impressed with their vision and want to move forward with the agency. You can also ask for past customer case studies, which will help you understand how they work and how much traction they’ve gained. 

How long will it take to see the results?

We all are impatient when it comes to yielding the benefits of our investment. We want quick results, quick traffic, and a quick rise in revenues. But with SEO, you’ll need to practice patience. However, this does not mean you want to work with a company that gives you vague guidelines. 

Be upfront and ask them right away, how long is it going to take? A month? A quarter? It would be best to have some specific timeline by when you’ll at least begin to notice some changes. Don’t expect conversions to skyrocket instantly, but it is best to set clear standards before you pay the money. 

Who will be accountable for your campaign?

When a digital marketing agency reaches out to you or gets in touch with a company after your research, you will most likely interact with a sales representative. This person is only here to help you understand the company’s services, why they’re the best, and why you should go for their services. 

Once you’re on board with them, you’ll need to discuss your goals and expectations with them. This is when an account manager comes into the picture. Make sure that you know what the next step is once you’re on board. It is better to be aware of the process beforehand rather than being greeted with some unfavourable surprise. 

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Have you worked with a similar business niche before?

You don’t want to be some agency’s experiment. Hence, it is essential to ask about their experience of working with a company in your industry. This will help you know about their specific industry, customer expectations, and the market scenario. 

Have you handled an account of my size?

If you are a large company, you must confirm with the agency if they’ll be able to handle your expansive product lines. You can ask about the tools they use to manage larger firms, or you can also ask for case studies of any large enterprise that they’ve worked with. This will help you determine their success rate of working with bigger firms.

Can you adapt to the changes in my business?

The main aim of digital marketing is to help your business grow. But you want to make sure whether the agency will be able to adapt to those changes. Will they evolve with you?= Because you don’t want to keep working with old strategies that might’ve become obsolete by now. Ask them if they’ll be able to help you reach new milestones once you’ve accomplished the predetermined goals. 

How do you stay up to date?

Google algorithms are ever-changing. You need an agency in sync with what is trending and what world as per the latest algorithm updates. Is the agency on top of the latest trends and certificates? This will help you to know how forward-thinking the company is. You also need to know about the tools and software they use to strategize your campaign.

These were some of the top digital marketing questions that will help you understand more about the services you’re planning to pay for. Ready to shoot your digital marketing strategy questionnaire? Bring it on, and we’ll help you find answers to all your questions!

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