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Posted by Vikram Rathod

December 11, 2015

Content Marketing 15 min read

In the past few years, there content marketing has been through a lot of ups and downs in the path of becoming a trending online marketing strategy. A simple content marketing strategy consisted of how your content makes a connection with the market, diversity of format and the main factor is how well your content can connect with the user or the audience. But that era of content marketing has changed and today content marketing has changed a lot as now analysis has been more situation base and with new technologies, it has become faster. But in the upcoming year, content marketing is going to become even more complex as some more changes are going to be introduced.

So let’s have a look at what content marketing trends are going to hit :

1.Native Advertising

Native Advertising is like another side of content marketing that can be effectively used by companies and brands to reach out to more and more audiences in order to market their company.

Native advertising is a more user-specific content marketing technique and looking at today’s scenario that how personalized online searches are increasing and people looking for their specified subjects on the net. In the upcoming year, Native Advertising will become the largest and most prevailing content marketing strategy.

2.Visual Format Of A Content

Visual contents are already a trend this year but in the upcoming year, it will become a bigger trend in the content marketing strategy. But the question is How? Written contents may have been really amazingly written but a user very quickly gets saturated reading them and its more time consuming and as in the case of visual contents they provide a new and attractive medium of communication and helps in relatively connect the users to the content more effectively than the written contents.

3.Responsive Content

As we all know that the searches of a user have become customized or rather to say more personalized and this going to be the scenario with the content also, the content that responds according to the need of a user will be in serious demand.

4.Social Media Publishing

Today social media has become a really big medium for sourcing various types of information rather than the original platforms. Every latest and happening thing is firstly now updated on various social media platforms. This is why in the upcoming year it can also create a major impact on content marketing and it’s likely that social media become a major platform for publishing articles, making them visible online, and spreading the word about your brand globally.

5.Quality would matter

Over these years when it comes to content writing quality and quantity have been equally more important factors for content. But in recent times due to some major changes in SEO relevance, reliability, and interest value of content is taken into consideration more. For a company, it has always been important that they stand out different from their competitors and nothing can be better than to offer more interesting, valuable, and reliable content.

6.Mobile Optimization

Mobile has changed a lot of aspects and Google has always kept a close eye on the usability of a mobile as mobiles have been the foremost medium through which content is been accessed. So mobile usability has now become an important ranking factor. Considering this it’s likely that mobile optimization may become trending in the upcoming year and be one of the prime factors of content marketing strategy and become one of the factors.

7 Competition will be at an all-time high

As you know that Google algorithms, new formats, and latest technologies have made content marketing a lot easier and even cheaper. That’s why it’s likely that the market is going to get flooded and this would increase a lot of competition among businesses to be on the top. But in the upcoming year, the visibility would clearly matter on how well a content craters every goal of a user and this would be the topmost decider factor and the main part of a content marketing strategy.

These trends clearly suggest that a new era of content marketing. So one needs to adapt to all these content marketing strategies to have a joy ride.


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