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Posted by Vikram Rathod

October 08, 2015

Content Marketing 19 min read

Search for any keyphrase or topic on search engines. When you create something 10 times better than what appears in the top position in search for this phrase, the content could well be termed as 10x content. This was the definition given by Rand Fishkin in a Whiteboard Friday video some time ago. Of course, we all have been striving for it, however what are the characteristics of a 10x content and could it be achieved. There is a specific list of qualities given by Fishkin for this in MozCon 2015. While you many not incorporate all the points, but some of them would prove to be helpful in your pursuit of 10x content.

What Makes A 10x Content?

There are several things that a 10x content commands tools and all of them needs to be done exceptionally well. The following are the features of a 10x content that have been listed by Rand and forms the criteria for the same.

Provide An Exceptional Positive User Experience

It should be noted that just generating positive user experience is not going to be enough. There are so many websites out there that create a positive user experience, however it is just not enough. What you need to provide to the audience is a uniquely positive user experience that encapsulates the site’s design, the fonts, the patterns, and more. Content is the major component, however, how it is served is of utmost important.

Content That Combines The Qualities Of High-Quality, Trustworthy, Useful, and Interesting

In order to be trusted, you will need to show authority over your niche and get your content considered as 10x. Your piece of content should be high quality, trustworthy, interesting, and useful according to Rand. You will need to sustain these elements throughout the creation process of the content that is well-researched, has high-quality and resourceful links, and a readable tone with information that is needed by the targeted audience.


Uniqueness In Approach

In addition to the essential elements discussed in the second step, your 10x content also needs to be unique. You should have a unique approach towards the content. It means your angle should be 10 times better than what is appearing in the search result and should spark thoughts instantly. This could mean presenting a content in a completely new way and answering questions that have not been tapped earlier in other content, or simply try writing with a tone of empathy that allows your content to resonate the video of your targeted readers. There are several ways in which you could create unique content and it depends on the author or the brand how they could make it 10x.

Loads Quickly

This is one of the qualities that Google has considered as a factor in all the search results. Your prospects wouldn’t like waiting for your page to load after 10-15 seconds. Remember, there are other search results eager for attention. Optimize the loading time of the page to ensure that it loads quickly and that the content is consumed by the targeted audience. No matter, how unique your content maybe, it is never going to reach the targeted audience if the page doesn’t load quickly.

Evokes The Emotions

In order to be a 10X content, your piece of content should trigger the emotional response of your readers. The response could vary from joy to surprise, but should be real, authentic, and immediate. The readers are overloaded with content on a frequent basis and there is no chance that the pieces of content will always be remembered by them. So, it becomes inevitable to relate to them emotionally to make it a 10x content.

Gets More Shares

If you want your content to be considered as a 10x content, your piece of content will need to draw some great number of social shares on social media platforms or by link shares on other websites. There are numerous articles out there that will guide you in creating linkable content. A linkable, and shareable content has the qualities of attracting eyeballs and engagement as it addresses the concerns of the targeted audience in a manner that they would like to read it and let others know about it.

Solves The Readers Concerns

As mentioned in the last point a 10x content is something that serves the readers with a content that tends to solve their concerns or relieve their pain-points. As a result, they start trusting your brand and would be happy to come back to your site when they need more information. Thus setting the foundation of getting a deal when they go further down into the conversion funnel. A 10x content is the one that provides some value to the reader by answering questions in a manner that they would understand it at once.


It isn’t as easy as it seems

Creating a 10x content is not an easy process. It is evident from the fact that not all the great content find place on the first page of search engines. You need to define your ideal personas and decided what is liked by them. It could even prove to be the first time wonder, or you will have numerous trials until you hit the jackpot. But, if you wnt to survive in the race of search engine rankings, you will need to ensure that your epic content also has the above mentioned seven qualities.


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