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July 09, 2015

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Today, content marketing has become very prominent in the field of digital marketing. Infact content marketing has clearly become the most important factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And hence this emergence of content marketing has also brought about with it a need for good content marketing tools, which can ensure the quality, consistency and scalability of content marketing for the upward growth of your brand.

With this very need in mind, here are the best and the top 10 content marketing tools for the year 2015. Read on and apply them to your digital marketing strategy, and see your brand and business fly high!!


Percolate is a platform that enables real-time marketing of content. It helps create content on a really large scale. In fact, percolate does everything as far as Content Marketing is concerned. It helps in sourcing, curate and also scheduling high-quality content. This content can then be shared on the social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter to attract traffic. If needed, it can also suggest new creation of content according to insights.

Percolate is a very useful tool for those who are unable to find content that can be shared across different divisions of people. It is mainly used by big corporate brands as it helps them identify their key topics and also their target audience.


LookBookHQ is mainly aimed at the B2B marketers as it enables them to bring in more sales by showing them the most effective way to engage with their target audience. It is basically a story-telling tool, wherein it combines a number of content and produces a visual story that can be shared across all digital platforms. This visual story will now have the potential to go viral on the web and thus market the brand and its content. You can also integrate this visual story with CRM solutions.


Uberflip is an ultra-responsive content curator and marketing tool that supports every format of content like text, image, video, and even PDF. All these formats of content can also be published together on Uberflip as a hub. It also provides its users with the functionality of customizing the call to action. In short, Uberflip is such a platform that helps in creating an answer hub for every topic out there.


Contently is a platform that has access to a great number of newspapers and magazines. It also has a network of journalists and their articles. Moreover, it also offers tools for content creation management and content marketing. Brands come to Contently to scout for talent in the field of Content Creation and Content Marketing, and also to acquire tools for publishing and distributing their content.

Little Bird

Little Bird is mainly a content marketing platform that discovers reliable influencers and content for you. You can do this for any topic. It also helps you engage with the influencers so that you can market your content with their help. The analytics shown by Little Bird are so accurate that they even provide you information about who is reading your content, the channels that they came from, the other content that they have read, and also the insights that they have shared. Little Bird scores the Home Run by providing a responsive dashboard for interaction.


PaperShare is a content marketing platform through which you can publish your content everywhere. It will guide you in doing so. Through PaperShare, you can also see who viewed your content and when. It also allows you to engage with your followers and with those who you want to follow. It distributes your content very effectively and at the right places.

PaperShare as a platform follows the “Upload Once, Share Anywhere” approach. It is very well known as a content marketing tool that shifts the focus of the users from the brand to the content.


Addvocate is a content marketing tool that facilitates the sharing of content among different sections of people in a single organization. As a business owner, it helps you know and understand the opinion of your employees about your brand. It also helps you do the same on all social media platforms. In a way, this tool believes in building a community and thereby empowering that community to voice their opinions through their content.

In other words, what Addvocate does is that it turns your employees or people in your social circles into your brand amplifiers. And it does this by prioritizing their content, supporting and sharing their content suggestions, and also showcases the resulting analytics, based on which the performances can be optimized.


The content marketing tool Influitive markets the content through the medium of customers. It recognizes, mobilizes and promotes such content that can bring your brand into the limelight. Afterward, it also helps in advocating for your brand by building communities on which your brand will be discussed and thus promoted. This tool offers incentives to its customers through points and rewards to promote your content and brand. This content marketing tool can be easily integrated with CRM and also with social media platforms.


Optimizely is a content marketing-cum-content testing tool. This tool is highly easy to use and this tool should be used before marketing the content. This is because with the help of this tool, all types of content on a site can be tested and subsequently optimized to attain higher rankings. Everything from buttons on a site to the colors to the codes can be tested and optimized with the help of this wonderful tool. Moreover, one can also track the user engagement, clicks, conversions and everything else related with a website and its content. In short, this tool considerably reduces the efforts needed to market any content.


TrackMaven as a tool is known for its intelligence in organizing and tracking your competitors’ content. This completely eliminates the need to collect data from multiple sources for analytics. As a content marketing tool, it is very efficient in showcasing the performance and revenue of each and every piece of content that you search for. The added advantage of using this tool is that it does so in real time. In short, it is a competitor content tracking tool, through which you can study about the different content marketing channels your competitor is using and incorporate the same techniques in the marketing of your content.

So use these wonderful and effective content marketing tools and turn your digital marketing strategy into a Winner!!


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