5 Types of Content People Like To Read

Posted by Monish Vora

September 04, 2013

Content Marketing 7 min read

Perhaps content marketing is one of the most effective tools to reach our target demographic, and raise awareness with interest in our clients. For a truly efficient content marketing strategy, we need to build an audience and a loyal following. And gaining both requires some big-ticket items that lure the crowd.

With this video, I intend to show the 5 types of content which have proved to be an instant hit with a massive number of visitors. All the good qualities of content, if put into these 5 forms of content, can help you in realizing your marketing goals. So, here is a quick review:

List: It is an accepted fact that a shorter version of the information is highly preferred than a long article. People like to quickly go through the information which is given in lists or bullets.

Reviews: A large share of your prospects will always look out for reviews or suggestions given by other users before availing of any products or services. Also, a thorough comparison between two or more products helps the audience in the decision making process.

The stupid and the funny: This one is very interesting as attracting your prospects with a humorous or some stupid quotation will definitely generate interest in the audience and help you stay in their minds for a long time.

Polls and Surveys: Conducting interesting polls and surveys, which invites suggestion from the audience regarding your products and services, or even a social issue. People feel important making them respond to your content quite naturally.

Pricing: Well, divulging facts about the pricing is not something that major brands would like to do. However, people are much more curious as this is something related to their pockets. So, giving out a range of price is something that is very hot among the masses.

I hope that this video serves the purpose of helping to create engaging, shareable, likeable and commentable content, which helps in achieving your desired goals.


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