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Posted by Anal Bhatt

April 11, 2013

Content Marketing 15 min read

First of all, let me introduce what is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is a method that is used by many bloggers to increase blog traffic, where bloggers write posts which to be published on other blogger’s blogs. It is a great way to gain exposure on someone else’s blog and have a link back to your own site. That will really have a positive effect on Google’s rankings. Guest blogging Service is used by bloggers as a way to build networks with many other people, grow relationships and increase the traffic to their blogs. It will be very helpful if you are a writer to express your words to the world.

Guest Blog your way to success

Guest Blogging can work in two ways :

1) Guest Blogging on your Own Blog
You could allow a guest blog on your own blog. It could be when someone wants to write a post to be published on your own blog. Anyone interested, would contact you and ask to provide a guest post in your own blog. This could prove to be better if you could manage to contact a blogger of your choice and request a guest post.

2) Guest blogging on someone else’s blogs
You could also write a blog in someone else’s blog. If you find a certain blog of interest, you could actively participate to write for that blog. You just need to contact the owners of the blog and build a rapport with them. Once your blog gets recognition, it will be much easier to generate more audience for your blog.

Identify Your Guest Blogging Goals & Opportunities:

Guest Blogging is the best effective strategy for SEO. Before we begin with our Guest Blogging endeavor, it is required to focus on the goals and opportunities. This would prove to be very helpful in identifying the right kind of blogs to submit your guest posts. Firstly, you should position yourself as a strong authority and should be renowned in your own industry. Secondly, You should focus on traffic and establish strong and quality links to your site. These are the simple terms you need to keep in mind, if you want to write the right kind of content on top blogs which are well-sized, have a great audience, and have a strong root of domain authority. If it seems a confusing task to judge the Guest Post site then you can check on the Moz toolbar, which will help you in determining the perfect Guest blog.

The most important thing you should notice in Guest Blogging is opportunity. When you really are looking for Guest Post, your main goal should be to find those sites which are relevant to your niche industry. I would suggest you some basic fundamentals, that fit your criteria:

  • The content should be relevant to your industry
  • Target the audience on the blog who should really be interested in your niche.
  • The Blog should be aggressively engaged with a social media platform
  • The Blog owner should be active on social media

How does Guest Blogging help To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

The process of Guest blogging is quite simple. You write a blog that should be published on someone else’s blog, So, you are introducing yourself to the whole audience which is already existing on that blog. So, it is very important to submit Guest posts to blogs that are established with a steady flow of traffic. On the Other hand, if someone writes a guest post for your blog then you have to be sure that he or she will promote the Guest appearance and drive traffic to your blog. So, you will get a great opportunity to maintain a relationship with that blogger and also expose new visitors to your blog at the same time.

So, Guest Blogging helps in growing traffic for both blogs and establish a relationship with them as well. It is a two-way process. Sometimes it is very tough to maintain your own blog content on a lot of other blogs. So, you have to make sure that you keep an open invitation for guest bloggers to write on your own blog. This is also a great opportunity to keep fresh content on your own blog and increase the custom audience as well.


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