Human interest (Google in 2014) - One of the key factors in Google’s ranking

Posted by Anant Patel

July 30, 2013

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Google is evolving at a steady pace. With this, the SEO specialists, the techniques applied by them, and search marketing services, on the whole, have to evolve too in order to keep pace with it. The recent updates by Google namely Panda and Penguin as well as other associated changes in the search algorithm are gradually putting an end to the importance of sparse content and unnatural links. A good SEO company can help you understand the various factors followed in the entire algorithm.

The explosion of locally targeted search results and social media has influenced the change in Google’s trend. The trend of the search engine giant is to include human interest as one of the ranking factors in the algorithm followed. So, what do you think is the secret behind increasing the use of your site and gaining links created naturally in a Google results environment that is driven by human interest? The answer to that has remained constant for quite some time now – content. The main factor in attracting human interest and keeping it is in the creation of quality write-ups that engage readers.

Understanding content quality

There are several factors that influence good content and understanding these will aid you in realizing whether your content is actually engaging or not.

Social media– Social media networking is extremely popular these days with most people communicating across continents with the help of this platform. People share their thoughts and feelings on social media and one of the ways of testing your popularity is to check whether your write-up is being shared with others by tweeting or posting it. If the quality is indeed good, people are bound to discuss it.
Authorship– Authorship will help you establish the trust that your website and you are a reliable figure in the niche and circle you are in.
Bounce rate– Low-quality content or those with little use to people will repel the visitors. So if you see a trend or pattern of people landing on your website but leaving immediately, it is a tell-tale sign of the write-up being of low quality. Before hiring any SEO company, you might want to check this out.
Links– If external pages and websites are linking your write-ups naturally, it is a sure shot sign of your posts being of excellent quality, which is attracting and impressing people.
Have a look in-depth at Ranking Factors

Measuring human interest through page use

Human experience on any web page is very well determined by Google and it is getting better by the day. The motto followed by Google in the case of ranking positions is that if a page or site is valuable for them, it will be valuable for humans too and it is true conversely as well – if the page is deemed valuable for humans, Google will consider it to be valuable as well. If both Google and humans consider the content on your pages and website to be valuable, the rank of your page is bound to farewell. A part of the trend in Google’s use of human interest as a ranking factor for content is human, real on-page usage, a realm which is being slowly but steadily ventured into by Google.

Listen properly to know about quality content from Google itself

There are many people who try their best to “beat” Google. However, the real success lies in listening to Google and understanding what to do, and then actually doing it. Currently, according to Google, engaging quality content is the key factor in getting a high rank. Your content’s human interest and quality must be improved and for that, author rank should be built, social signals around your content measured, traffic on web pages measured and quality and quantity of comments measured. All these factors have no major role to play individually in Google’s ranking factors but combined together, the quality, authority, and credibility of your content are greatly enhanced in the eyes of Google.

Any SEO company will enlighten you on the creation and usage of engaging quality content while implementing an SEO strategy for your website and company.


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