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Posted by Sanket Patel

May 18, 2013

Google 7 min read

Matt Cutts, in his new video, has explained why the domains diversify in search results. He made clear that the goal is to have a balance between offering varied results, and at the same time returning authoritative search results.

So, the new change coming up in Google’s search results will be about the diversity in the search results of domains. According to Matt, if a particular domain name has appeared in the results 3 or 4 times, it is less likely to appear in the results when you go deeper into the search.

Below given is the history of clusters within Google:

Earlier there was no restriction to the number of clusters of the same domain name which turned out some bad results. So, Google added “host clustering”, which showed not more than 2 results per domain name in the search results. However, webmasters cracked this as the sub domains were used for placing the content. Now Google increased the clusters of the domain to a maximum of 4 results.

Google again updated and showed more varied results on the first page of results, but decreased the same on the secondary pages. This made sure that only two results from the same domain name are seen on the first page, but the same domain name could be seen in more numbers on the subsequent pages.

The new change will ensure that if you have seen 4 results of the same domain, you will see very less from the same on secondary pages for a particular query.

The change in the diversity of domains in search results was expected as Google frequently changes it.

This change, as Matt Cutts said, comes as a result of a number of feedback received from all over.

So, let’s see how this change is going to affect the overall user experience.


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