Are You Facing Home Pages Link Removal From Google Webmaster Tools? - Blurbpoint

Posted by Anant Patel

February 07, 2013

Google 3 min read

It is indeed impossible to predict the Google. All the webmasters are really in great shock when they didn’t find their homepage listed in Google Webmaster Tools. They have seen 75 % drop in their link counts. It has been noticed that the giant search engine has stopped reporting on the links pointing at the home page. If you log in to Google Webmaster tools, click on ‘Links to your site’ and view your most linked content, you can find that your homepage is not listed there.

Webmasters have faced many ups and downs over the number of links from the last 20 years, but this one is surely proved to be one of the biggest losses. Basically, home page has always attracted the large number of links. So, if Google stops reacting on those home page links, this will significantly create a negative impact on the website’s crawling, indexing and ranking.



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