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Posted by Ajay Chandnani

December 18, 2012

Google 7 min read

In 2012, We have had a 13 Panda and Penguine updates. If you are aware of all these updates, a unique and quality content is the most important factor to look for. It is essential now to provide quality content, to represent your website well in search engines.

What is Duplicate Content?
Duplicate content is the content that appears on more than one web page which can be either similar or exactly same.

How to identify the Duplicate Content?
There are many SEO tools available in market such as copy scape to avoid content duplication. If you search “Plagiarism Checker” in any search engine, you will find many great recognized tools which helps you to identify your content. Plagiarism tools scan the whole content and provide you more accuracy and uniqueness in your submitted content. From this way, you can easily avoid all the duplicate content issues and make it unique.

Reasons to avoid duplicate content
Nowadays, people are very smart to use other’s content in there blogs or websites. From the seo purpose, if you are using duplicate content you never get the real value of that published article or blog post. If you publish an article or web page content that is not 100% unique and original, the chances of being blacklisted by Google and other search engines also increases. So, if you are wondering to get a good page rank and search engine results placement, then it’s simply not worth taking to have a duplicate content.

If you are allowing people to contribute on your website than it is essential to check the content you received from them is original or not to avoid critical issues with search engines. You can make use of any Plagiarism tools to serve unique content to the visitors at your site and get priority in search engine result pages. It enables you to protect your content and to reduce the risk of people for being unfairly rewarded because of your efforts.


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