Does Page Rank Matter Now a Days or Smart Link Building Is Enough?

Posted by Sanket Patel

August 31, 2012

Google 9 min read

Page rank is like a significance that Google gives to our site on the basis of various factors such as inbound links, quality of links, site visitors, anchor texts, keyword occurrence, age of domain, click through rates, content of your website and many more such factors are there that Google consider before ranking.

Now, the question is that Pagerank matters or not? It’s true that you do need to get links from high-ranking sites and Google does consider PR as a factor of usefulness. Therefore it’s good to have a high page rank but the thing is that the users are not really bothered by what ranking the site is having, they are just interested in the information which they are searching for. If your site is on the top list of Search Engine Result Pages through the links that you have got from high ranking and relevant sites, your customers can find you easily thus adds value to your site.

So, getting a higher pagerank on our site is beneficial for us, as higher pagerank is always favorable to lower pagerank. Higher page rank helps in increasing the usability of your site. But only the page rank is not responsible for making your site useful. There are so many other factors which are as important as a pagerank for a site such as: Click through rate, Bounce rate, Conversion rate and Overall traffic.

Click through Rate is an indication that your site is relevant to your users or not. If your site is having a higher CTR, it’s an indication that the users of your site found your site relevant and useful for their query. CTR is also an important factor that can affect your keyword quality.

Bounce rate in Google Analytics is one of the most important factors that help to estimate the quality of your traffic. Bounce rate essentially enlightens the percentage of visitors arrived on your site and left before visiting on to a second page of your site. This may be a sign to get an idea about the quality of content you are having on your site and how relevant and useful it is for your visitors.

Conversion rate in another most important factor that need to be considered, this is simply the percentage of visitors that make a purchase.
The overall traffic to your site is also a very important factor especially when you are selling a site. If your site is having a large amount of visitors visiting per month than your site will be count as a valuable site.


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