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Posted by Sanket Patel

June 11, 2012

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In the near future, Google Maps is going to offer offline mapping for android phones, 3D Google Earth Maps and Street View for natural world tracks. All these improvements are going to land soon at Google Maps. At San Francisco, the company’s conference was held where the executives of the company declared these three new features.

Probably, these three features are the most interesting features and if you are somewhere where there is no Wi-Fi or XG connection then also you can have your map to guide you. When it comes to talk about offline mapping, it becomes a part of Google’s own global base map and it will provide hi-res navigation without needing a Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G connection.

But, users will have to select the area and they plan to visit before going offline and then can download the map to their device. In order to help with navigation, one can still find familiar GPS tracking dot.

Some other features like the 3D mapping and Street view for places are completely best and these features are for more battle lines that are being drawn between Mountain View and Cupertino, CA.

Well it is true that Google is going to lose a lot of important data as it will not being the map provider for Apple but what about Apple’s move? Those companies that had a laser focus on creating the absolute best products which anyone would want to use, is getting into those areas which are well and not like Apple.

In this attempt, if Apple applies its common principles of excellence then it is not like that their result product will be bad. Well, it is not as robust as Google maps and when you scrap something which works for something that it might be good and it is completely best and big change for users.

The feature of 3-D mapping of urban areas is also best and Google said that it will be started to add -D images of buildings to its Google Earth app for mobile devices. It needs a chartered airplane with Google cameras flying over cities in order to click the imagery.

Peter Birch, a product manager said “We’re trying to create the illusion that you are flying over the city, almost as if you were in your own personal helicopter”.

Google also introduced its new backpack unit called Trekker which will allow more images of remote, off-road places best reached on foot. With the cameras, the backpacks are fixed that technicians can also yes to snap Street View images of hiking trails and other wilderness locations, such as national parks.


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