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Posted by Sanket Patel

April 19, 2012

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The new ‘Brand Activate’ advertising program is announced by Google on 18th April, 2012. With this advertising program, one can get brands with useful metrics, which is associated with quantifying the advantages of online ad campaigns. It is hoped that marketers will be attracted by the new Brand Activate program with an intention to reallocate money between traditional advertising methods and online advertising. Even if, an impressive $38 billion of advertising is sold by Google yearly, there are many big brands that are ready to spend more than $190 billion per year on television advertisements.

Initially, Active View and Active GRP metrics focus on the Brand Activate program, which is offered to the advertisers. Some points such as the ad was seen by the user, the percentage of the ad that was seen, and the duration of ad exposure is measured by Active View, which is considered as the new standard for online ad impressions according to Google. If the ad was “at least 50% viewable on the screen for at least one second” then Google will only count the ad as “viewed”.

The definition of a viewed ad has been submitted by Google to the Media Rating Council with the hope that it will standardize online advertising terminology. Along with Active View, Active GRP is also unveiled by Google that looks just like to the Gross Rating Point metric, which is mostly used by the television industry.  Active GRP will permit advertisers to determine the usefulness of a campaign and adjust respectively since the metrics are delivered in real-time. Information which is related to the reach and frequency of the digital campaign is focused by Active GRP.

Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, specified the new program will give brands with better advertising metrics and measurements:

“We think that a new generation of measurement solutions will help brands quantify the benefits of investing online and will help to fund the next generation of great online content and services. Today at the Ad Age Digital Conference we’re introducing the Brand Activate initiative, a new effort to re-imagine online measurement for brand marketers and—crucially—to help brands turn measurement into action, immediately.”

Right now, the new program is being tested on its DoubleClick for Advertisers customers and used for traditional display, video, and mobile, stated by Google. This plan is also expanded by Google in future.


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