Big Location Targeting Improvements Adopted by Google AdWords - Blurbpoint

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 09, 2012

Google 7 min read

In order to target more than 30000 zip codes in AdWords, this week, Google has introduced the ability that providing advertisers the ability to find possible customers in a familiar, granular way. Location Insertion is one another feature that is mainly designed at letting advertisers with multiple locations create one ad. It has information animatedly inserted depending on the user’s query or location.

These two features are the part of location extensions that are also getting other tweaks in response to feedback. At a same time, advertisers are able to add more than 1000 postal codes for ZIP code targeting. They can also view campaign performance stats by ZIP code. Location Insertion also allow advertisers to make a single ad for all locations and Adwords will then also insert the city name, phone number, postal code when the ad is displayed. Such parameters can be inserted into the ad title, text, display URL and destination URL.

Location insertion will also work even after other extensions take priority over your location extensions. Now, around its advanced location targeting, Google has also changed the wording in response to travel advertisers. After the change, people are able to target location to show ads to people in that location, it doesn’t matter what their search query seems to indicate.

Now on the Google Display Network, the company is using extra signals and before the likely physical location of the user was utilized in targeting. At the content of the page, Google will also look when it seems to be tied to a certain location and target ads. The main default is to show ads to people “in” or “viewing pages about” the targeted before, but advertisers may change this setting.

For the travel vertical, it also seems to be most useful as person could be in one location. Advanced location exclusion is also changing in response to user feedback. The wording on the options has been changed as has the default.


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