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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 02, 2012

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Google AdSense is really a very popular blog monetization tool for the reason that it is easy to join the program Google AdSense, easy to combine a diversity of ads in your blog, and not have ads that get up much space. However, there are few rules that must be followed unless you need to obtain banned from AdSense program and create no money at all. Five of these standards are define as below.

Don’t Boost Clicks Artificially

There are several ways that Google AdSense (as bloggers) editors can artificially increase the number of clicks in Google AdSense ads that appear on their own website. The following are some of the methods that might be tempting, but are spam and are a way to surefire agenda get banned from Google AdSense.

-Click on links in AdSense on your blog yourself.

-Requesting any others to click on AdSense links on your blog.

-Use several kind of process to improve clicks (if you create the process or a third party does it for you) automatic.

-You join with a group of some other person to click on ads on AdSense for blogs or websites.

Don’t Display More than the Allowed Number of Ads on a Page

Create sure you study the present Google AdSense Program strategies and simply show the number of ads allowed on a particular web page at almost times.

Don’t Fill a Page with Ads but No Original Content

Some page on your blog that includes Google AdSense ads must include lots of unique content than ads. In fact, Google considers showing a page full of ads with small or no original content a form of spam.

Don’t Create More than One AdSense Account

It might be tempting to make Google AdSense completely separate accounts and serve ads from both accounts on the same blog to learn about rule # 3 above, but doing so is a violation of Google’s policies. Although you can add more than one blog or website to your Google AdSense account, you can’t have more than one real account.

Don’t Try to Trick People into Thinking AdSense Ads are not Ads

Text link ads hiding inside the content of your blog posts in an attempt to create people judge they aren’t ads is an abuse of Google AdSense rules. Bottom-line, do not try to disguise ads in an effort to boost clicks.


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