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Posted by Vikram Rathod

May 15, 2015

Inbound Marketing 19 min read

Each year, every business house thinks of how they are going to increase their sales in the upcoming year, and the same is the case in 2015. The questions that keep on running on our mind, form the base for all the marketing actions during a particular year:

1) How do we increase sales?
2) How do we get more revenue?
3) How could we enhance the records than the last year?

When thinking of boosting online sales, there is one element in your online marketing efforts that needs your undivided attention and that’s conversion rate optimization (CRO). It is one of the primary methods to ensure that your online prospects, who visit your online property, are converting into your customers.

CRO in simple terms is optimizing the page where the visitors are expected to land up, in a manner that the engagement rate on the page is high and the visitors are most likely to convert into your customers. Conversion rate optimization is a vast field that takes numerous factors into account, including customer psychology, neuroeconomics, and website design.

Here are some definitive techniques, which will rev up your CRO and ensure that the engagement rate on the landing page, and your conversion rate reach new heights.

#1: Start Small Scale

If you are just starting out, it is safe to keep the CRO initiatives at a small scale, as the more you go deeper into it, you will find more and more things to implement. Firstly, you could pay attention on testing and making changes to the less important landing pages, and slowly and steadily build your case towards the highly important, high traffic landing pages.

There is a lot of teamwork that goes into CRO. Even when you propose that in your organization, and start as a one-man army, at a later stage you will find yourself getting more people on-board.

Initially, minimize the scope of CRO and concentrate on demonstrating the value of the company.


#2: Leverage the power of A/B testing

A/B testing is something that could make your CRO the rockstar of your overall online marketing efforts. A/B testing could take the conversion rate at an all time high.

When you are optimizing a webpage for more conversions, you will make numerous changes here and there to change to old landing page. So, you may want a text that is bigger then the previous one, or a bright CTA button, or a nice image to capture the attention. Now, you want to know whether the conversion rates are going up or down. Well, they might be going up. But, how did they increase? Is it the text, or the image, or the CTA that caused the increase in conversion rates? How do you figure it out?

It’s better to have two versions of the same landing page and do A/B testing that will let you compare both the versions. In order to check the efficiency of both the pages, some visitors are shown version A, while some are shown version B. The test is run for a specified period of time and you will look at the results.

One of these versions will show higher conversion rates, and this helps you in picking up the winner.

#3: Attention Grabbing Buttons/CTAs

Your CTA could be a button, or a simple line of text that encourages the visitor to take some action. These are the elements, which may look small, can prove to be the major conversion boosters for your business.

If conversion rate optimization is meant to increase the likeliness of the user to take a desired action, than CTAs are the inevitable part of CRO. When it comes to calls-to-actions (CTA), the size, the text, the color, the length of text, everything matters. Make attractive CTAs, and the conversion rate will started taking the upward swing.

#4: Include and Exit Overlay

Many people leave the webpage, because they simply don’t want to wait longer for anything that you offer on the page. They may leave the website when the page takes time to load, or they are not satisfied with the information.

If a website is facing problems of having the visitors stick to their website, there is a way out for it. You could grab the attention for one final time while the visitors are leaving your website, and that is with the help of the exit overlay. You could claim that the visitor could “Download XYZ in 75 seconds”. Things like this could help you in putting your message across, one more time and be more relevant to the information that the prospect is seeking.

#5: Use Storytelling

Storytelling has created a lot of hype in the online marketing world, however where does it fit in conversion rate optimization? It does, especially if you are telling the right story. Storytelling helps you in resonating to the customers at an emotional level. There is also scientific proof to support why storytelling is vital to conversion rate optimization.

When you look at the marketing funnel from a storytelling perspective – each area of the funnel proposes different “acts” of your customer’s story. Creating marketing experiments to keep your customers’ brain engaged throughout  makes the entire “conversion” process more intuitive, connected, and visceral.


All the techniques that have been mentioned above have made a huge difference for all the brands that have implemented them. They could also help in improving conversions on your website. Remember, your customer has to be served with some of the best content that you could produce, along with the best user experience that makes the website easily navigable.


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