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Posted by Sanket Patel

October 18, 2013

Inbound Marketing 4 min read

In his recently released video, Google’s search spam head Matt Cutts gives answer to the often raised question, “How do I guest blog without the links seeming to be paid links?”

Guest Blogging

Cutts answers that the content for paid links and that for guest blog are clearly differentiated by his team when they review spam reports. Giving out specific differences between organic guest blogging content and spam, Cutts said that spam content wouldn’t match the requirements of the blog and would be stuffed with keyword rich anchor text.

According to Matt Cutts, a true guest blogger is the one who is well versed with the subject matter and doesn’t stuff the keywords heavily with the help of the anchor text.

Guest blogging according to Cutts, should not be a full time job. That’s true as it is not the only branch of SEO left. There are still many things that needs to be done.

He stresses on the fact that you are not boosting your site’s reputation if guest blogging is the only activity that you are doing to direct traffic to your site.


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