Infographics - Building Links...Colorfully

Posted by Hiren Vaghela

August 30, 2013

Inbound Marketing 6 min read

In a fast-moving era, where people hardly have time to read the daily newspaper, it is difficult to keep them engaged in reading a long article giving out information on your products and services. It is a challenging task to educate the audience, at the same time fulfil our goal to promote our brand in a very epigrammatic manner.

This undeniably makes Infographics one of the most sought after forms of content marketing. One of the most successful ways to convey the message is a hit with the online marketers and audience for one simple fact that the graphical and colourful representation makes for a quick and better understanding of a complex concept.

This is what Monish Vora, Search Marketing Expert and Hiren Vaghela, Sr. SEO Expert have conveyed through this webinar. The 30-minute webinar received a great response worldwide, which shows us how the popularity of infographics has grown and how to create and distribute them for a colourful link building process.

Here are the key points that are covered in this webinar:


*Infographics Overview
* Creation of Infographics
* How to integrate Infographics with SEO?
* Various distribution channels for your Infographics
* Benefits of Infographics
* Question & Answer Session with Hiren and Monish

With massive information available through the web, it is inundating for the audience. That is why you need to stand out from the crowd and give your audience something that is enticing, which in turn will help your conversion rate go uphill. An Infographic’s theme has to be based on the targeted audience.

At Blurbpoint, this webinar was devised to educate our followers on this fantastic and colourful aspect of SEO and see its results for your online marketing task.


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