3 Future-Proof Link Building Techniques To Initiate Your Online Marketing

Posted by Monish Vora

November 13, 2013

Internet Marketing 14 min read

Link earning is an essential tactic in online marketing not only because it improves the SEO efforts, but also because it helps a website in being discovered, in lead generation, building relationships and create a strong base for online brand presence.

Link Marketing is unavoidable, although search engines want you to establish yourself as an authority in order to earn links. Link marketing/Link building should be highly considered, as it makes a brand more well known in its own niche, and lays down the foundation for earning genuine links.


Below mentioned are some of the most genuine link marketing techniques for today and the future.

Have your own database of images: This tactic could be well-capitalized if used smartly. If you are in search of industry relevant places, this could be a good investment. You can start making a list of all relevant bloggers, who are always in search of unique images relevant to their blogs. Create your own gallery of images and cinemagraphs, which will require a little more investment to hire a graphic artist or a professional photographer. This will definitely boost your link building campaign through link attribution from those bloggers who’ll be using your premium pictures.

One more feature that could be integrated is the reverse image search, wherein you could get in touch with all those bloggers who start using your images without your consent. Tineye and Google’s image search are the tools that can be used to detect those websites where your image has been used.

Acquisition of outdated content: Millions of content on the web aren’t timeless and many of them are not well maintained. This opens door to a number of opportunities, wherein it would be possible to surf through hundreds of outdated pieces of content in your industry. This content may have been successful in earning natural links in the past.

This content are well-suited to be acquired. Also, Greenlane SEO’s outdated content finder tool is a convenient one to find those content that is under-maintained that could be repurposed or recreated. Contact the blog owners and request to purchase the old page and redirect it to the new version of the page that is hosted by your domain. Make sure that the information on that topic is updated.

Tell the blog owners that they will get due credit as the original creator with a mention to their brand, and improve your chances of getting the content.

When selecting outdated web documents that could be revived, use tools like ahrefs or open site explorer and check the external links to the old content.

One more option apart from buying the content is that, the webmaster could be asked to update the content with your given information. This could also help in getting links back to your site from that updated content.

Getting More Shares On Google+: Google+ posts do pass link equity. The more shares your Google+ posts get, the more high value links you will get if a link to your site’s pages is included in the Google+ post.

Google+ is a microblogging platform that offers huge opportunities to promote a brand/website:

In order to get more shares for your post on Google+, it is vital to build a strong follower base, to maximize the chances of getting the posts shared. Integrate Google+ with your content marketing efforts.

Google+ is also a microblogging platform. So, it is wise to start blogging on Google+. Lengthy posts have a higher potential for getting more shares.

Add links to external pages that are relevant within the Google+ posts, which helps your link building purpose when shared by people. Link to the works of other people too to build a good rapport with them, and to smartly get them to share your post.

Though the list is long, I believe that the tactics mentioned here are definitely going to stay and will be implemented in a number of SEO projects for a long time. Having said that, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Google still likes those sites that show authority. Keeping in mind this important fact if one moves ahead with their SEO efforts, they will definitely see positive results.


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