50 Awesome Content Creation Ideas For Link Building Campaign

Posted by Ajay Chandnani

April 17, 2013

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Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to acquire good quality backlinks as it plays a key role to get users engaged in your website as well as your users. Content is like a milestone to get the attention of many readers. Fresh content helps a lot to identify your brand through search optimization strategy and shows a Social following from where you are active and engaged with your own industry. It is a great platform to provide new and helpful information for current and potential customers.


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Here, I have mentioned 50 ideas that I believe are awesome for content creation. The ideas are divided into three main categories which help to brainstorm new topics for your blog posts, social media posts, or videos and be inspired while creating new content to promote your business.


Content Creation Ideas for Blog Posts

1) You should think about the questions which are posed via social networks like what people are telling you or your competitors they want to know?

2) Post comments and answer the questions by customers store in the blog posts.

3) Search the conversations on Quora.com; what conversations are happening around your product, service, or industry?

4) Write the topics that are being discussed in your community; build conversations on your platform.

5) You could also write your own strategies; how you plan to participate and where potential customers could meet you.

6) Write the content in an interesting way. People get stuck with boring content, so try to write in different, fun or innovative way which generates interest.

7) Make your own compilation with lists of newsletters, videos, websites, etc. from your own industry that helps your readers to find relevant and helpful information.

8) Use Google Alerts to search for relevant headlines in your inbox and write a unique post regularly.

9) Sign up on LinkedIn and join groups of your niche category for relevant topics.

10) Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find terms and phrases related to visitors who visit your site and create content around those.

11) Mention the information about the changes that you have done to improve your service.

12) Divide your blog into categories to inspire theme content for different days of the week and maintain the balanced coverage of your topics.

13) Compile old posts into tightly-knit groups and write summary posts linking readers to older resources.

14) Go to an Article site like Constant Content and see what other people are writing that is relevant to your industry.

15) A surprising number of sites still use meta keywords, Even though they have zero SEO benefit. Use their keywords to see what they may be targeting that you aren’t. Simply right-click on their page and choose “View Source” for a quick and dirty look.

16) Re-purpose online video information simply by transcribing and embedding it in a post or starting a new discussion about the video in a post.

17) Summarize complex, longer blog posts into shorter ones and link to the longer version for more information.

18) When you are writing your content then instead of inserting boring information, you should tell a fascinating story that is relevant to your topic and audience.

19) You could also continuously keep in touch with your suppliers and ask them “Do they have new products coming soon ?” “Have they made any improvements to the existing ones ?”

20) You can try QuiteGarden.com or BrainyQuote.com to find a list of quotes from big players in your industry.


Content Creation Ideas for Images

1) Your company can be recognized as a positive influence in your community by helping a charitable organization. You can spread the word about the events and create great content in the form of images.

2) Use your Brand images from around the world that people may use to recognize you through the particular image. People will get to know more ideas about your products and services.

3) You can share your snaps or share pics of local sports teams, organizations, or events which your company sponsors.

4) Create your own charts or Infographics through statistical data about your own industry and also give credit to researchers.

5) You can introduce your own staff working in your company behind the scenes to make your company look awesome.

6) In Twitter, if you can see a continuous conversation going on amongst influencers in your industry then screen capture it and start your own discussion.

7) As you might be aware of Google images or Flickr, search those tools for keywords that draw traffic to your blog posts and also get an idea of how other people are creating images around these topics.

8) Use social channels to post “Q & A” branded images and also turn your FAQ’s into images.

9) Use your Google Analytics and see the results of your data, what people are searching for those leads to your pages and you can create images around those topics to draw more traffic.

10) Sign in on Facebook to represent your business and find the images posted by your competitors and industry influencers, following them for better engagement.

11) Use photoshop which creates memos; add funny; unique content to your existing images.

12) Use Pinterest to see what type of images you can add to your niche.

13) Post pictures about your business events which are celebrated in past years.

14) You can make charts or graphs of your products and services because 45 percent of people get more attracted through these charts and graphs.

15) Create images to illustrate laws or regulations in your industry.


Content Creation Ideas for Video Content

1) Youtube is a huge channel to publish a video related to your industry or product.

2) You can use SurveyMonkey or Google Docs to survey your readers and you can share the videos through the responses.

3) Revisit your older popular videos and expand them with recent news and updates around the topic.

4) Record your own review of a popular industry book or video and publish it on channel.
Review a book or video – record your own review of a popular industry book or video.

5) You should record video with fun facts for your customers and publish the same on YouTube channel. You can also try SnagIt for screen capture software.

6) You all are familiar with Google hangout on which you can discuss with your suppliers, manufacturers or other business contacts and customer FAQs and the same discussions could be  submitted as a video on Youtube channel.

7) You can say thanks publically to your customers through social comments and keep a screenshot of the best public comments you received via social accounts in that week or month.

8) If you want to know which commercial videos are doing well and what is the reason behind it then check out TheAdFeed.com or AdsOfTheWorld.com.

9) One of the best things that you could create is a video providing tutorial series.

10) Make an awesome video to discuss questions and answers which come up in industry related webinars or conference calls you participate in.

11) Post your questions on Social Media platforms like Google+ or Facebook and see the response of followers.

12) You can create holiday videos; Events with your staff; Send good wishes to your customers.

13) Host a local session or seminar and make a video of the highlights.

14) Explain the current piece of news to your customers.

15) Search the competitors videos; use their video tags to inspire you for making your own videos on YouTube channel.

These are some of the points which helps in linking to your local area however, they are not directly related to your business, but these ideas show fans and followers that you are an active part of their community. From all these points you can inspire through various ideas and create new innovative content to reach your targeted audience.



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