Benefits of Building Links with Video Content

Posted by Sanket Patel

March 27, 2012

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Search engine optimization plays an important role in rising ranking on search engines like Google. So, most of the businesses are using different tricks that give them a huge response in the form of high ranking. Online businesses are using videos in order to grab quality links for their website. You don’t have an idea that your camcorder could be a quality link building tool that will create interesting videos.

By viewing videos, one can get more ideas about the products and services of your business. If you are shooting videos and uploading them at various websites then you will get paid ad revenue or commissions when people are looking at them. Aside from that, Traffic will reach your websites with link-backs and create link juice for your site! Here, you will find some of the best points that will give you an idea about the benefit of video content:

Advantages of SEO in Video Content

At the time of crawling your website, many factors such as page quality, relevance and keyword instances are to be detected by Google. All of the above metrics get valued by Multimedia objects. Time On Page of a user is also increased by Videos, which is considered as essential Videos and gaining more importance.

Include Video to Old and New Content

One can use or re-use videos in other content on your domain. One can also use new videos in their old content so he will get web visibility again. Like this way, one can also use older videos in their new content. Be ensure, not to embed the video on more than one page because you have to ensure the original video page is observed by Google as canonical.

Surround Awesome with Awesome

While Google crawling your page, it is waiting for a signal that displays your content is related to a specified query. Page with an H1 title and an embed code is not sending any kind of message that this page is full of unique and awesome content. Even your video is also not translated by Google, so it is better to send algorithmic signals through awesome video with equally awesome images and text.

Title, Meta Description and File Name-Other Technical Considerations

Before submitting videos ensure that your video has a strong, viral, catchy title that includes keywords. At the time of submitting a video, ensure to use an HTML5 video player with a flash video as a fallback for better results as users don’t like a video that starts blaring audio.

Implement Schema for Video

We don’t have an idea that how Google will make a decision to utilize schema data for video. Although the protocol is in position, Google doesn’t appear to take any of it into deliberation as of yet.

Create a Video Sitemap

It is a must for your videos that Google is able to crawl and index them all. You can assure that through the creation of a video sitemap. The video flavour mostly just points to the URL of each video, just like a normal sitemap along with the accumulation of properties like duration, family-friendly (Yes/No) etc.

By following the above points, you can also get an opportunity of building links with video content. Aside from the above, you can also submit a Video to Myriad Video Services, place Video behind an Email or Social Wall, and do many more things for getting quality links. I Hope, you will find the above content helpful.


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