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Posted by Sanket Patel

August 18, 2010

PPC 9 min read

As discussed earlier, there is a number of advantages of promoting your business using Pay per Click advertising. But then also there are certain catches that PPC newbies should look out for. How PPC works? Do advertisers have to set up an account with Google or Yahoo? After making the accounts, advertisers can start building up their Campaigns, AdGroups, Ads, keywords etc. Account managers at Google and Yahoo will take care of your accounts ensuring that everything works fine without violating guidelines, ads are shown up etc.

After this most of the advertisers assumes that everything is completed, and now can sit at home to count their cash. Well, such things might be happening in fairytale wonderlands only, but not definitely in the world, we’re living in. But the fact is that at times teams at Google and Yahoo get so excited by their work that they lost the track of what actually has been done and what hasn’t, showing in that lots of updates being not approved (as no one had taken pain to review them).

This you will find more with Google compared to Yahoo. At Yahoo’s system, if the newly submitted updates are still under review, then you can see their status being editorial pending”. And if it’s been ten days since you first submitted your update and the status is still editorially pending”, then it is simply showing that someone has forgotten to do the job. In this scenario, you just send an email to your account manager at Yahoo and convey the real problem which must be sorted out in a short span.

In fact, Google is a little bit different also. After submitting an update to Google, you will immediately see its status being “oeactive”, just similar to all the existing ads, keywords, ad groups that you have now. Even after ten days also you’re still getting no impressions from the new update, and you very curiously checking to find if the update is running, and then all you can see is it being “oeactive”, you’ll just assume oeOh, I think no one has searched for it yet”, the fact is that Google’s just forgot to review them.

So keep monitoring your accounts from time to time, and the moment you find something’s issuable, then on the spot do an email to your account manager. Even don’t get back in sending as many emails as required in a day, if needed for settling down the issue.



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