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Posted by Rahul Soni

March 03, 2014

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There has been a lot of speculation after the close of the year 2013, as to what does 2014 have in store for social media. The current year is slated to be a major revolutionary year for social media. The augment of mobile phones and the usage of videos and the conventional rise in the marketing companies adopting content marketing has given social media a major boost.

For the sheer fact that social media allows small businesses to control how people perceive their brand through technology, it is predicted that social media will be more in news starting from this year. Some of the positive trends that were noticed in the year 2013, are forecasted to rise in the current year. However, it also breaks down to how do you communicate with your customers, how you make the most out of the built relationships and of course how you confirm yourself as credible with the help of great content.

Without bothering you further, below I am giving a list of the most likely trends of 2014 that shouldn’t be avoided.

Mobile research conversion rate

Mobile Will See A More Conventional Approach: One of the topmost priorities for all businesses would be to have a mobile responsive design and thinking only about increasing user interaction with the business. If you haven’t done yet, it’s time you switched to a mobile site to gain more visibility in various promotional ways among your end users. This also includes SMS, emails and mobile apps that are designed for promotional purposes.

blogging is great

Blogging Will Still Be a Trusted Source: We are now in a digital marketing era, where the implementation of effective content marketing has amplified to new levels. Blogging, an art of habitually creating splendid content and acquiring traffic to your site will be the #1 preference for all businesses and social media houses. This only means that it’s still not late and if you don’t have a blog to yourself, it’s time to start one right away.

blow away competitors

Blow away with niche sites: With Twitter, Facebook and Google + making it tough to get found organically, niche sites will play a significant role in getting your business projected to the right people. They are highly targeted and provide a much better solution for promoting your business to the targeted audience.

Google + will be respected more than ever: Google + has slowly, but gradually evolved to be a favorite social network amongst the current age of individual and business users as well. It’s very likely in the future that the audience will start making a shift to Google + from Facebook and Twitter due to the search benefits and the increased user base. It is strongly recommended to get to Google + at the earliest.

video marketing strategies

More inclination towards video marketing: Whether your video is a how to guide or an ad, consumers are now more inclined towards watching videos to learn about business and the graph will only rise as far as the consumption of interactive content is concerned. Video has long been an effective way to creating meaningful relationships with customers and will continue to do so in the future. Also, nowadays videos are mostly seen on mobile phones. Does it ring a bell?

A notable rise in the number of image-centric sites: In addition to Pinterest and Instagram, there are more sites centered about images that are likely to emerge in the year 2014. The last two points will raise questions on the textual information being dead. However, videos and images could prove to be valuable incorporations in your written text.

Sharing will be more significant: This particular aspect will be seen climbing the upward slope more than ever because everyone will be doing it. This is definitely a good practice to get the content found, while it also poses some challenges to get found. The key to get your content found and liked is to communicate directly with the target customer.

content marketing process

Online Marketing Will Be All About Adding Value: Online marketing is evolving and currently it’s not only about pushing yourself. What really matters is how you provide value to your customers. Regardless of it being through any channel of social media and content marketing, people have to perceive value in your marketing efforts and this is what counts.

Let’s gear up for an exciting 2014, which will be a mixed bag of many surprises in SMO and SEO. However, digital marketing is dynamic and it is all about your dynamism too. These are not the only trends in the current year, however you would notice more of this.


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