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Posted by ketan parmar

September 07, 2013

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Social media has substantially become a powerful tool for online marketers to use at their disposal, and up to this day, it still remains as one of the core parts of an effective online marketing strategy.

And as if to answer the needs on the online marketers, many social media sites have now began to tweak their services to add features that would benefit them. One of the most notable ones is offered by Twitter, with an addition to their cards feature, the “Lead Generation Cards”.

Lead Generation Cards:

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The “Card” system of Twitter allows anyone to add a few lines of HTML code to a webpage, and people who tweet links to the content of your website will automatically have a “card” attached to the tweet, which gives a preview of the content posted, along with backlinks to the website.

The Lead Generation Cards of Twitter allows online marketers to present their brand in a much more effective and detailed manner, as well as giving any interested users greater ease in subscribing to the brand itself and any updates and promos associated with it. With just one click to the link included in the card, Twitter will automatically share the interested user’s name, username, and e-mail address securely to the brand, without the user having to fill out cumbersome (and sometimes insecure) forms.

Another upside for this kind of marketing promotion is the greater ease that it gives to mobile users, as since no forms are needed to be filled, it doesn’t put off the mobile users into subscribing with the product. This is a great advantage to the marketer as nowadays, a number of users turn to their mobile device for their online needs, including logging in to Twitter.

Other Twitter Advantages:

The entire design and layout of Twitter seems to be built with mobile users in mind, due to its simplicity and well-organized design. And since it’s compatible with many different scheduling and traffic monitoring tools, tracking your marketing leads in Twitter is much easier and efficient.

Also, one must not forget the ever-important feature present in Twitter since its inception: The hashtag. This ever-powerful feature allows a marketer to enclose important topics in tweets and discussions, allowing even more users to recognize the brand, and even read some feedback from fellow users who are subscribed to the same product or service. This allows for an even wider marketing coverage and lead generation, with seemingly less work.

All of these features and more, makes Twitter one of the more effective social media tools that any online marketer must utilize in promoting their brand and attracting customers on a much wider scale. And in order to make the marketing strategy more effective, marketing guidelines, such as brand customization, and generating attractive content, should always be followed, in order to further maximize the benefits of Twitter’s marketing features. Online marketing companies such as Website Designer Phoenix should then be employed for this purpose, especially since the huge amounts of potential revenue is at stake whenever marketing is involved.


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