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Posted by Sanket Patel

April 30, 2012

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There are lots of people who are looking for unique ideas in order to drive Pinterest traffic to their site so if you are also one of those, who are look to get, know how effective a great image to drive traffic to your website then continue read….

With the inception of Pinterest, website owners and bloggers have been astonished to see how much traffic this social photo-sharing platform can produce for site or particular post. The power of Pinterest comes IF the image on the page or post is a real attention-grabber.

So, how you will make images which tell a story and conspiracy the viewer, all in the hole second they take to glance at it?

Send Plain Message: if you are spending much of time on writing the blog posts and structuring them for maximum search engine optimization then you make sure to include most important traffic generators the images. Now, here is the Pinterest, which is a picture that probably include one thing and using to make the decision that whether to visit your site or not!

It is also important that one of your images should convey the whole message of your post or page. If images are easy to read and have bold text then particularly well. There are lots of simple and easy free image editors, you can use to modify or make custom and compelling graphics for your posts. Below there are some examples of eye-catching pics from Kid’s Activities Blog, Rhonna Designs, Six Sisters’ Stuff and Instructables.

Make sure that your photos are in Right Format!

If people are visiting to your website and they also like what they see then they are going to pin it to one of their relevant boards. So, it is extremely important for you to know that what people are pinning from your home page and your product page. Add to this, if you have installed the Pin It button on your browser then you visit any page of your website and can see what comes up when you use the Pin IT button. Make sure that do all your pages have effective images for pinning?

Pictures and Videos are Pinnable: For your business, it is essential to love your website and go to pin it and search that nothing is relevant comes up to save and share. There are lots of websites where only one thing is pinnable and interesting and it is banner image and the image is quite wide as compare to maximum width Pinterest will allow (554 pixels). Some people are still pinning the banner image but in fact, it gives dreadful look. Hence, it is not helping to get traffic on website. So, adding image to homepage is much important as you can generate traffic to your website.

Reach to Outside the Box: I am not sure how to market biz by using images? So, many of you are thinking that your business in not particularly “image-centric” then think again. It is all about sharing things of value with your audience as like everything in a successful social media campaign. You also make sure that you think that what they do in their spare time? Do they share common interests?

You can also find some important customer’s pin boards and can do some research. By this way, you can motivate to create image boards which will have board appeal to your market.

If you are selling blue widgets then it doesn’t mean that you can feature blue widgets on your pin boards. On Sprout Social and Copyblogger, there were only two terrific articles with some creative, outside-the-box for business pin boards can be found easily.

Enhance Traffic by Giveaway & Content Entries:

In the market, you can find various companies that are using contents and giveaways in order to increase their traffic. One of the fantastic ways to promote them is with Pinterest. People are also able to see at a glance what they can win by creating very neat and clean image of the event and the prize.

If you are searching on Pinterest for entering in the giveawat, you will come up with all kinds of images. There are some serious contest entrants that are using Pinterest to search for contents to enter.

  • You make sure to include “contest” giveaway and enter to win in the description field.
  • In the upper left-hand corner of your pin with prize amount, Pinterest will add a banner as it can attract more attention of people.

Use Pinterest to enter you contest:

1.      You can also ask your readers to make boards which include your keywords in the description.

2.      Ensure that to have them repin your images to these boards.

The bold images will surely promoting your giveaway and increase much traffic.

Fascinate Emotions:

As we all know that we all see things differently and have emotional responses to the things around us and things which surely touch us. A picture can also tell a story and can also convey strong emotion. It is much important for you when you are looking for image for your blog or creating picture for your website, make sure to think of single words which you want to convey across.

These days, Pinterest is one of the best social platforms upon that to share “a picture worth a thousand words”.  Wif you are utilizing images which people can relate and respond to with or without added text, you will enhance the likelihood which they will find value in what you’re sharing. In short, Pinterest is completely best and fun.


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