7 Reasons Why Google Analytics Is Still In Business

Posted by Anant Patel

April 05, 2014

Google Analytics 18 min read

Google Analytics could prove to be a valuable tool for tracking and monitoring the working of an online campaign and achieve the best results in the marketing efforts. Regardless of your being a small or a big enterprise, Google Analytics will always be handy in giving the statistics on the number of visitors that are coming to your site including all the information that is related to the page views. In addition to that, you could also get an overview of the total number of visitors who have viewed your website. In simple terms, Google Analytics allows you to scale the online traffic that comes to your website and helps in making improvements in the advertising campaign. Google Analytics could be the best choice for marketers, as it is absolutely free of cost and works for small firms that have small advertising budgets.

One of the main benefits of using Google Analytics is to gain complete freedom in looking after the website content. If the performance of your website is not satisfactory, you could make changes to your content whenever required. Also, you could improve the conversion rates and increase the revenue of your business if intent traffic is driven to your website with the help of this wonderful tracking tool. There are numerous benefits that Google Analytics could provide as it helps your website in getting a higher rank on the search engines and also boosts the overall productivity of the online business.

Some advantages of using Google Analytics to succeed in your business:

Google Analytics is absolutely free of cost

Google Analytics

This is a completely free to use the tool and everything about it is only online. Thus there are no necessary purchases and subscriptions. All the wide range of tracking statistics and analyses are available absolutely at no cost. In order to sign up for a Google Analytics account, you could also work with your Gmail account without having to create a new one. It is one of the most competitive web analytics platforms that give valuable insights and is recommended for both beginners and seasoned experts.

Analyze sources of traffic

Source of Traffic

Google Analytics has the ability to show how exactly users are driven to your website. For instance, how many people have found the website through a link given on another website, whether they have come through advertisements, or from search engines? This will give you the proportions of how successfully the various methods of traffic have been, such as organic traffic or paid traffic.

Keywords are broken down

The Google Analytics platform could be used to see through which keywords are being found on search engines. This will give you a thorough understanding of all the keywords that are performing well or not. Thus it allows your website to work on the basis of search engine optimization and boost the traffic generated from certain keywords.

Measure the results of your marketing campaign

Google Analytics could also be used to optimize the performance of the website and attract more and more customers for boosting the chances of sales. The targeted keywords could also be used as a part of the marketing strategy under SEO with the assistance of the statistics derived using the Google Analytics tool. There are also different functionalities that could be used to determine whether your marketing campaign has been successful or not. This helps in getting lots of opportunities for growing and diversifying the online business with the help of the amazing tool.

The popularity of a specific page

Popularity of page

Google Analytics could provide data showing which of the pages on your website are popular, allowing you to see the areas on the website that are being considered higher in terms of content and more relevant. This information could be used to improve the pages in order to generate more sales as well as know which kind of content is searched by the target visitors that help you in designing the future content strategy.

Bounce Rate of the Website

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the number of users that view only one page and without spending much time, bounce back to the search engines. If the bounce rate of your website is high, it sends signals to you that the users are not looking for what you have given on the website. It is also vital to check out the targeted optimization such as the keywords as could be slightly misleading.

The bounce rate also reflects the quality of the content on your website, thus showing visitor satisfaction across the website.

Helps in tracking social engagement

Social Media Tracking

One of the best features offered by the Google Analytics tools is social analytics. With the increasing importance of social engagement, social marketing is slowly becoming the most vital part of online marketing. So, it is something that is to be done.

The social campaign of any business includes one of the popular social networks, namely Twitter, Facebook and others. Tracking all the activities could be a bit difficult. Google Analytics allows tracking the performance on each social network in a single dashboard.


Here I have mentioned just 7 reasons why you should go with Google Analytics. However, there are a lot of other advantages and enhanced features that Google Analytics offer for websites to monitor their performance.


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