How to use Google Analytics Funnels for a better Conversion Rate Optimization?

Posted by Tejas Kirodiwal

July 20, 2013

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It is the general phenomenon of every PPC manager to get the maximum clicks on their campaign and also that would convert at the maximum level. This new and innovative feature known as “Google Analytics Funnel” does help to set up an analytics process and it would also help to verify your client’s conversion rate through your PPC campaign.

A complete conversion process definitely includes if you have got a particular landing page, one-stop and one action route for your target audience. This is off course not a joke and it is in fact mandatory to know that why some people are converting while others are not. This tracking can actually be done through Google Analytics Funnel. They are actually the ideal way of identifying necessary problems along with the conversion route as well as making necessary changes to persuade more people to go at the end of the entire conversion process.

Visitor Converting

Therefore, let us analyze it in detail:

Google Analytics Funnel in Details:

This new feature is true of much use now. Google Analytics Funnels gives you the exclusive advantage of following your target audience through each and every step of the conversion process and find out where these customers are actually dropping out. You will get to analyze the basic reason behind this dropping. It would also help you to find out that at which point in the conversion process, these potential customers actually decide not to continue anymore with the conversion. Isn’t that sounding interesting? This would also help all Pay Per Click Consultants to manage their campaigns even more effectively.

GA Funnel

Benefits of Setting up Google Analytics Funnels:

After this analytics funnel is set up in your PPC campaign, you will be able to use information that you gather using this analytics funnel and thus being able to make required changes in your campaign so as to increase the rate of conversion of your potential customers. It will certainly help to increase the conversion rate and thus be able to keep all your potential clients in the conversion process without even letting them go.

Well, all of a sudden you must be thinking that why all your potential customers are dropping by at the most ultimate time. When you are getting clicks at the appropriate time on your ad as well as all your visitors are going through your site taking an adequate amount of time but just before the actual conversion, they are just flying off!! If this is the problem same as you, then why this is so? Have you ever thought of? Well, this new analytics funnel would surely help you out to detect the problem that your site is undergoing and that might stop your potential customers to convert.

Reaching towards Goal


This is particularly important for those campaigns which have got a number of different steps before the complete Goal. If your ultimate step has got a lot of rules for your visitors to go through and follow, that might work as a negative prospect for your site and your customers might not like that to go through all these processes. All they want are some steps that are very precise. So, if you have got anything similar to this on your site too, then just remove that and increase the rate of conversions than before.

Therefore, this new and trendy Analytics Conversion Funnel would surely help you to identify the crucial step where you need to implement all the changes so as to increase the rate of conversion on your site. Therefore, just stop losing out on conversions just at halfway through the conversion process and just implement this analytics funnel into your PPC campaign management strategy today for a much better conversion rate than before.


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