Bing Ranking Factors

Posted by Sanket Patel

October 26, 2011

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Bing is one of the best and popular web search engines, which is very helpful for people in order to search for appropriate things, products or any kind of information which they want. Website owners only just want a high ranking on the major search engines. You can achieve a better ranking of your website on one of the most identified search engines, BING. So, if you want to achieve a good ranking on BING then this article is very helpful for you. There are many professionals that go through intelligent tests, different search queries, and result in analysis, just to understand its SEO mechanism.

Most people are thinking that Bing is a highly advanced version of live search while some think that it is a superior search engine for a new generation. The fact is you can hardly see any leading agreement in the SEO organization about the particulars of its algorithm. So, if you are thinking to start your new online business then remember that your competition is very tough as a number of populations on the World Wide Web are competing for the first position.

Ranking of the website is much important. So, different types of SEO services are to be adopted for your websites. With the help of these services, you can get a huge number of traffic, as a result, your sales will be increased. With this, you can indicate that how many are funneled into your website by keywords or backlinks. If you are getting enough traffic then you will automatically get indexed by search engines like Bing. So, now note the factors that are affecting your website, product, or blog site.

Ranking Factors are to be divided into two parts, i.e. Primary Ranking Factors and Secondary Ranking Factors. Various Ranking Factors are described below:

  • It is compulsory for your website to collect the quantity of anchor text as it is the most than the quantity of quality inbound links for the BING. So, it is best for your website to catch the quality anchor text as much as you can.
  • Give proper impact to the on-page factors such as page titles, text-heavy pages, outbound links, etc. as it is helpful for rising rank.
  • If your site is authorized by authoritative organizations then it will strongly affect the search engine, Bing. Old website plays an important role in getting search engine’s ranking mechanism.
  • Bing is highly supportable with flash so, websites that relied on flash can enjoy a high ranking as well.

All above are the primary factors that will affect high ranking. You can also find secondary factors that affect also give a good effect to ranking.

  • If you are comparing outcomes of the first 10 results in Bing and in Google, you will see that the toper of the Bing has fewer backlinks. With this, we can imagine that no-follow links don’t matter.
  • Here, Page rank is not as much important. You will see a duo of PR2 or even PR1 sites in the topmost SERPs in Google, but this is not as important in Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.
  • Fresh Content of your website after some period of time doesn’t give much impact on the ranking of your website. Bing is totally depending on the age of the domain.

So, after going through such factors one can conclude that domain age will be determined the ranking of the Bing. Aside from that some things such as page titles, text-heavy pages, and outbound links also play an important role in achieving ranking.



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