Push Down Yelp Negative Reviews & Improve Your Online Reputation

Posted by Anant Patel

November 28, 2012

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Reviews, good or bad influences the online purchase made by a customer, to a great extent. Positive reviews with good ratings will definitely enhance the sale of your product or service. It is just the same with the negative reviews, such reviews may drift hundreds of prospects away from your website.

The fact the fact! There is no way that you can remove negative reviews from the websites such as Yelp, but you can employ a marketing team to structure your strategy to attend to these negative reviews for the betterment of your company. Yelp is a website that leaves a great impact on the minds of customers. As a matter of fact, people give extreme importance to the reviews posted on Yelp for their online shopping.

Remove Negatvie Reviews from YelpWhy are the negative reviews posted?

Negative reviews are posted by annoyed customers. However it is not confined to the unhappy customers alone, the ex-employees tend to post negative reviews out of grudge over the organizations, they had worked with and the competitors also, do their bit to ruin the reputation of the companies.

You can’t stop anybody from posting reviews about you; however, you should be the first one to know what others think of you, be it good or bad. You should keep an eye on reviews and if you happen to come across an upset customer, then you should take all measures to deal with the unhappy customer. This must be a part of your online marketing strategy.

What are the chances of visibility of Yelp negative reviews in search engines?

Negative reviews are the ones, which get faster recognition than positive reviews. Moreover, the kind of presence Yelp has in the web world, may give you a ‘worldwide web’ size headache. Once a user Google about your company, Yelp provides the lists with the rating, eliminating the need of clicking on the page to find the detailed info, which of course, will leave an austere impact on your business.

How do I get rid of such negative reviews?

Bad news: Yelp will not stop any reviews from being posted until the reviews violate the terms & conditions of Yelp. So, it becomes very easy for anybody to post any kind of reviews, which are usually negative, either by the competitors or irate customers.

Good news: Users do not go to Yelp directly, to find any kind of reviews. But, they search it through Google and Google in turn, drives the traffic to Yelp. It is wise to get rid of negative Yelp reviews from the search results of the search engines, this would serve the purpose. ‘Online Reputation Management is the only solution to get a clean chit in the online market.

Getting started with it

The simple strategies that you can follow to bury the negative reviews with the positive ones are:

  • Encourage your satisfied customers to write positive reviews for your company.
  • Approach renowned bloggers for posting your articles and this may establish a strong online presence of yours.

Albeit, you can do what has been mentioned above, but it is always recommended to seek the help of the experts. Experts are the professionals of a digital marketing organization. This team of experts constantly works, to pull your website up and push the negative listings down. Once things are settled, they monitor the online reputation of your company and work for better results. ‘Online Reputation Management is an ongoing process and you cannot sit & relax, once things are under your control. Moreover, this becomes really crucial when a website like Yelp is a matter of concern.

– Written by Sara Bruce. An SEO analyst who predominantly works on removing negative remarks on sites. Do you face negative reviews about your Business/Services? Do visit our page www.lemonpeak.com to get rid of it.


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