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Posted by Sanket Patel

January 03, 2012

SEO 10 min read

Strategic vs. Tactical SEO Audit offers Sounding Business...

Doing SEO audit is not everybody’s cup of tea, as involves lengthy hours, and a concrete solution that needed to...

Posted by Sanket Patel

December 22, 2011

SEO 17 min read

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are information that is placed between the head tag of the source code of your website. These meta...

Posted by Sanket Patel

December 21, 2011

SEO 12 min read

Things to do for SEO in 2012

At the end of year 2011, I want to discuss with you and having one question for online marketers what...

Posted by Anant Patel

December 20, 2011

Social Media 21 min read

New Twitter is all set to rediscover the...

Before few days, Twitter was redesigned with the title “Yours to discover” and it makes some hurry-skurry in the Internet...

Posted by Sanket Patel

December 19, 2011

Link Building 13 min read

Smart Link Building is beyond the Page Rank.

Whenever I meet any of my clients they all have one very common question in their mind that is how...

Posted by Anant Patel

December 17, 2011

SMM 26 min read

B2C Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2012

In Internet marketing, I think that you have all heard about B2B marketing. But now B2B marketers are focusing on...

Posted by Anant Patel

December 16, 2011

SEO 27 min read

What is a doorway page/cloaking?

Sometimes webmasters use to say to submit “bridge” pages or “doorway” pages to search engines for the purpose to improve...

Posted by Sanket Patel

December 15, 2011

Link Building 15 min read

Directory Submission Strategy Basics

Let’s talk about the directory submission strategies. Directory submission is not a process of late addition of site. Directory submission...


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