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Posted by ketan parmar

January 29, 2014

SEO 15 min read

Older Websites Not Likely To Rank Well

If yours is an old website, the one that has been around for 10 or more years, it won’t be...

Posted by Vikram Rathod

January 28, 2014

Social Media 17 min read

Facebook and Twitter Signals Don’t Play Any Role...

There have been a number of questions and arguments about the role of social signals from Facebook and Twitter in...

Posted by Monish Vora

January 21, 2014

Content Marketing 17 min read

Big Transformation for Content Marketing in 2014

It’s almost past one month since the New Year began and the assumptions, predictions and various insights have found their...

Posted by Khyati Patel

January 20, 2014

Link Building 20 min read

Expert Interviews: A Link Building Guide to Leverage...

Those in the online marketing industry would always welcome new ways to build links with a smile. In today’s scenario...

Posted by Anant Patel

January 16, 2014

Social Media 14 min read

An Encounter with Tumblr

It becomes quite normal for online marketers to overlook some of the important social media platforms for promoting their content...

Posted by ketan parmar

January 10, 2014

Social Media 22 min read

Welcoming 2014 with Basic Social Media Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents1 1. Build a Strong Content Base2 2. Be Useful3 3. Publish simultaneously over all Social Networks4 4....

Posted by Chetan Mistry

January 07, 2014

Social Media 18 min read

How to Utilize Social Media as an Effective...

Table of Contents1 Provide Content That is Resourceful2 Make a Contribution to the Conversation3 Identify Your Targets4 Use the Correct...

Posted by Monish Vora

December 28, 2013

SMM 20 min read

Hashtags – The dark horse of social media...

There are hashtags at all places that have social media. In simple terms, a hashtag is a convenient way for...


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